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Beautifully scarred image

Beautifully Scarred - A book of hope

by Charmaine Marinkovich

A book filled with stories & photographs of women of New Zealand who have been through trauma yet now live with a positive outlook on life.

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Project Campaign


Whanua Gathering

by Tony Reddrop

To learn more about this multicultural project,click onto my bio page ,and click into my Flickr page link to view my images.

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Project Campaign

Neverseen tower india

Miyar Valley Climbing Expedition Photojournalism Project- Funding for Equipment.

by Llewellyn murdoch

Requesting funding for camera equipment to photograph and film a NZ climbing expedition. Expedition leaves for the Himalayas on the 19th...

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Project Campaign

funded Header

courtney's photography major project

by Courtney Howley

I'm making my final photographic project for University! Please help me fund it! Thanks :)

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Project Campaign

funded Kink portrait 1 %281 of 1%29

Kink: A Portrait Exhibition

by Antony Kitchener

Please help make this exhibition a success and help these portraits of Kiwis to be seen by the world.

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Project Campaign

 lsp5500 s

Help a living artist enter the IRIS awards!

by Liza Savage

Print and hug rewards available.

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Project Campaign

funded Jcn01fin2

Every Picture Tells A Story

by Neil Hannan

A High End Photography and Words Book about the travels of Photo-Journalist Jocelyn Carlin

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Project Campaign

funded Cover

The coffee table shook

by Simon Kerr

If I manage to reach my goal, I will print 500 only, numbered First Editions of my photo documentary quake skate book.

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Project Campaign

funded Live train fight like thai cover sml

Live, Train, Fight like Thai - Book project

by Leon Rose Photographer

"Live, Train, Fight like Thai" is a photo Essay/documentary that documents the sport of Muay Thai in NZ over the last 10 years.

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Project Campaign

Update my digital eye

Update My Digital Eye...

by Dru Burger

Free photos to all pledging Earthlings!! Looking to save for a new phone. Check out my photos. Read my Pledge. & IMAGINE.........

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Project Campaign


Dreamscapes Exhibition

by Robbie Hunter

Immerse yourself in dreamland and help me get this exhibition off the ground and into the clouds!

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Project Campaign

Screen shot 2014 07 04 at 9.53.21 am

Launch a Studio

by Nicola May Brooks

I want to be able to offer clients a place they can relax and enjoy having precious moments captured for ever.

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Project Campaign

funded Milly

Pet-ography - Donated Pet Paw-traits for All

by Tara Sutherland

Twice a year I donate Pet Photography Sessions. Will you help me travel a little further to provide more families with lasting memories o...

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Project Campaign

Dji phantom 2 pro h3 2d

Operation Phantom 2

by Sam Sword

2014 is a time for new beginnings and challenges for us here at Sharp Focus Photography, with the first move being heading to the Bay of ...

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Project Campaign

funded 5208205225 a8bf69c81b b

Get Patty to Get Real NZ

by Patty Lagera

Get Patty to Get Real New Zealand Photography Workshop in Queenstown so she can begin her photography/videography journey!

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Project Campaign

funded Project 18


by Nicole Freeman

Through both visual and narrative explorations of pūrākau,you will discover not only beautiful tales of the Taranaki landmarks surroundin...

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Project Campaign

Project 1528

Take Your Pic!

by Jasmine Howe

Help me to create a book that involves everyday people like you becoming whatever their heart desires!

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Project Campaign

Project 1430

Final 4th year project!

by frances scott

Hi! I'm Frances and I'm currently working on my final body of photographic work. This project is my response to the way in which we mark...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 1361

'Want to wear'

by Grace Saunders

As I am a 4th Year Student at Massey University we are asked to exhibit our Honors project in an appropriate way. At the moment I am prod...

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Project Campaign

Project 1337

Faces of alcohol

by Daniel Robinson

I'm a lifestyle photographer in wellington,I'm wanting help to fund my first major project.I, like many people have been affected by the ...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 1347

Help 4th Year Fund!!!

by Jamie D. O'Brien

The project name is vague i know, but to give more detail - My name is Jamie I am a 4th Year Photography student at Massey University ...

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Project Campaign

Project 1132

Body Art calendar

by Irina Kapeli

We have created a beautiful body art calendar with an incredibly talented artist Andrea Hows and graphic designer - Josie Druetta. We ar...

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Project Campaign

Project 669

Antarctica Expedition

by Murray Quartly

Help us send a three person team to cross the Antarctic continent by snow mobile!

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Project Campaign

funded Project 1022

Look Through Our Eyes

by Ahuroa School

Our VERY cool primary school photography club has been invited to exhibit during the Auckland Photography Festival.  We totally rock, but...

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Project Campaign

Project 829

All Woman - The Book!

by Beatnik Publishing

Help Beatnik turn All Woman, an amazing photographic project by Bev Short, into a book. All Woman explores the many facets of the modern ...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 936

Project Camera

by Julian Crawford

We are a community media group from Dunedin who are seeking funding for a new DSLR Camera. We have a bunch of media student and amateur j...

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Project Campaign

Project 783

Humans of New Lynn

by Tisha Carter

Humans of New Lynn: A Photographic Exploration of Community Hello! My name is Tisha Carter. I am a local emergent Photographer curre...

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Project Campaign

Project 803

Project camera

by Julian Crawford

A community media group from Dunedin are seeking funding for a new SLR camera

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Project Campaign

Project 799

Chasing the Storm

by Stephen Burrows

Send us on a photography field trip of epic proportions!

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Project Campaign

Project 595

Adventure Inspiration

by Tui Kraal

Adventure Inspiration is a photography venture by Tui Kraal, a young enthusiastic outdoors instructor. She's got the skills and the abili...

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