About PledgeMe

PledgeMe. helps Kiwis turn their plans into reality with crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a new and fun way of raising money. Think up a goal you want to achieve. Turn to your crowd of friends, family, customers and fans. Ask them to pledge to your campaign. If all that support equals more than your goal, you've made it!

3 ways to crowdfund

We have three different ways to crowdfund through our platform.

Pledgeme projects

Crowdfunding just about anything. Get your idea or project off the ground with the support of your crowd.

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Pledgeme equity

Crowdfunding for companies looking for investors or investors looking for companies.

Look For The Green,
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Pledgeme lend

Companies & organisations borrowing from their crowd and repaying with interest through crowdfunding.

Look For The Purple,
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Our impact

PledgeMe has already helped many Kiwis achieve their dreams.

Below are our current stats, which are updated automatically.

Star white 30 1,261 Successful Projects
Dollar white 30 $26,274,114 $ Raised
Star white 30 51.6% Success Rate
Heart white 30 101,115 Pledgers
Star white 30 27 Successful Equity

Our team

Our team are pretty rocking - we have people based from Auckland through to Christchurch - and we're constantly on the look out for fab new folk to join our ranks. Meet our team below.

About anna

Anna Guenther

CEO/Chief Bubble Blower

About barry

Barry Grehan

Chief Lending Officer

About anna1

Anna Watson

Smooth Operator

Anna, our CEO and co-founder, sounds American but she's definitely a Kiwi. If pushed, she’ll say she’s technically from Dunedin, but will later admit she grew up in Boston. Having roamed around the world, she’s back to call Wellington home. And she completed her Masters with a focus on crowdfunding and has worked for everyone from NZTE to MIT (and all of the acronyms in between).

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Barry's our Irish blow-in. He's a rebel banker with an eye for fresh financial ideas. Whether it's crowdlending or equity crowdfunding that you're curious about, he's always happy to lend an ear and share some insight.

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Anna is our token outdoors enthusiast. She has a background in corporate law and social enterprise, and sees PledgeMe as a happy middle-ground between the two. When she's not getting herself lost in the wilderness, she is busy making sure our operations side of things are smoother than smooth peanut butter.

About tan

Tan Huynh

Chief Bacon Sizzler

About kelsey

Kelsey O'Hagan

Chief Design Awesome-iser

About jessie

Jessie Fenton


Tan brings home the bacon for amazing kiwi businesses (faking bacon for our vegan friends). His background is in tech, business development and raising capability. He has an MBA, however found out too late that it didn’t mean Master of Beer Appreciation. Tan loves travelling to far-flung parts of the world, bringing back a love of scotch whisky, craft beer and food. He is also Vietnam’s tallest man (a fact) and fluent in Vietnamese.

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Kelsey is our designer extraordinaire. She's in charge of creating stunning new designs, taking fabulous photos and pulling her hair out when she gets asked to make things “pop”. She is also the city host for The Design Kids Wellington.

Jessie is PledgeMe's indefatigable intern. She does a lot of the social media and blogging for us and she's currently studying law and film. We hope she will make us some legal films at some point.

About jess

Jess Ducey

Chief People Wrangler

About jessica

Jessica Venning Bryan

Board Member

About nick

Nick Lewis

Chair of the Board

Jess Ducey is our chief people wrangling, puppy-patting (or cheese eating), craft beer drinking, all-round awesome person. She helps you get your projects up and running, sorts out your cash dollars at the end, and is a two time alumna herself.

Jessica has spent 15 years advising organisations like Lion, the Electoral Commission, Seafood NZ, Saatchi & Saatchi Global, and the Sustainable Business Council on how to engage customers with projects and brands. From beer to electricity, voting systems to employment, she's delivered projects in New Zealand, Australia, the United States and the UK.

Nick is an experienced entrepreneur, with a history of work in the investment banking space (from JP Morgan through to co-founding Woodward Investments in New Zealand). He is the Chair of our Board, and has support us pretty much since the beginning.

About breccan

Breccan McLeod-Lundy

Board Member

About melanie

Melanie Templeton

Board Member

Breccan manages all things tech for us, with the help of the awesome Rabid team. He's also passionate about what the next level of crowdfunding could be, and has a beautifully analytical brain.

Melanie is an experienced senior commercial manager and leader, with a track record of leading the development and implementation of successful business strategies both locally and internationally.She has done everything from running and owning award winning restaurants, to building and launching online banks with RaboDirect.

Partners and Supporters

About tash


About mikey

Mikey Clarke

About will

Will Stewart

About jackson

Jackson James Wood

About lana

Lana Vaughan

About anake

Anake Goodall

About rory

Rory Harnden

About josh

Josh Forde

About megan

Megan Bowra-Dean

About joshmc

Josh McArthur

About pepper

Pepper Curry

About yasmine

Yasmine El Orfi


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