Paddock to Plate – Restaurant Quality & Environment friendly - Pledge to receive your Beef and Lamb tasting Box Direct

By Tracey Bayliss

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Paddock To Plate – Restaurant Quality & Environment Friendly - Pledge To Receive Your Beef And Lamb Tasting Box Direct

Project 2020-08-11 14:21:59 +1200

My name is Tracey Bayliss and I am starting Grandad's Beef and Lamb meat boxes to bring regeneratively farmed, environmentally friendly meat boxes directly to your door.



I’ve been in love with the whole “Paddock to Plate” movement, shortening the food supply chain, and having a healthier approach to food on a daily basis.  For someone with an active family and lifestyle, I found it almost impossible to find this in my local supermarkets.  The meat I need to eat healthily and in a way that was supportive of the environment and super convenient and affordable.


I set out to provide something better, regeneratively farmed, GE free, hormone, and antibiotic-free, a nutrient-dense option that supports the environment and is readily available to everyone across the North Island of NZ with monthly or bi-monthly delivery, direct to your door for as little at $29 per week.


I want to give you the customer, access to NZ’s finest beef and lamb that has been dished up in some of NZ’s top restaurants, buy some of NZ’s top chefs.  The opportunity to choose a clean, environmentally friendly protein option, straight from our farm, and to give you the chance to join us on the mission to #regenerateNZ - regenerating Aotearoa one steak at a time! 


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The health and environmental damage caused by large-scale industrial livestock production should not be minimized, however, there are sustainable alternatives. Here in NZ we still have small to medium-sized family-owned and operated farms, where livestock is well-managed, and regenerative farming practices are helping to improve soil quality and sequester carbon.