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Ice Blacks Documentary

by Jez Brown

The story of New Zealand's men in black, putting their hearts and bodies on the line for a country unawares

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Project Campaign


Reggie's Case Files

by PvC Productions

An upcoming comedy webseries paying homage to classic noir thrillers.

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Project Campaign

funded Cat3


by Alexander Gandar

Catkiller is a short mystery documentary that seeks to uncover the identity of Raglan's cat killer.

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Project Campaign

funded Untitled 1 copy

South - A Short Film

by Alex Liu

South is a short film to be shot in Wellington in the coming months.

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Project Campaign

Trial 9


by Matt Black

Eye Flicker is an indie film that we hope to produce here in Dunedin this year.

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Project Campaign

Screen shot 2014 01 22 at 6.11.07 pm

T-Junction - International Short Film

by Prashanth

Directed by Prashanth Gunasekaran Written by Ashish Chaudhary We are hoping to raise money for our film as we are initiating a boll...

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Project Campaign

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Living Like A King

by Zoe McIntosh

Living like a King is an intimate portrait of one of Christchurch's oldest Streeties - Aka Cowboy and his unexpected taste of what it's l...

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Project Campaign

funded Screen shot 2014 02 03 at 7.01.18 am


by Kirsty Griffin and Vivienne Kernick

Wayne a 44 year old man with an intellectual disability, his whole life he has had difficulty living with people, as a child with his fam...

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Project Campaign

funded Screen shot 2014 02 14 at 10.02.22 am

Queer Selfies

by Robyn & Paula

Coming out is one thing, coming home another. In this short doco a diverse range of the queer community talk to a self-operated camera ab...

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Project Campaign

funded Screen shot 2014 01 30 at 10.48.51 pm

"The Road to Whakarae"

by Aaron Smart and Tim Worrall

A three minute musical documentary celebrating the simple lifestyles of Tūhoe whanau living on their traditional lands in the Waimana va...

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Project Campaign

funded The jump pic

The Jump

by Alex Sutherland

With a healthy mix of imagination, balls and roughly remembered Newtonian physics, a kiwi bloke jumped off a bridge in 1980 and started w...

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Project Campaign

funded Project   dans

'Dans' - animated short film by Joel Kefali

by Joel Kefali (director) and Amber Easby (producer)

Help fund Dans: an animated documentary short based on the storytelling of Sol, an elderly Turkish migrant now living in New Zealand. Par...

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Project Campaign

funded Promo option 01

STOP/GO - a short documentary

by Greg Jennings

An honest look at the humble kiwi road contractor and the epic environment he gets to work in everyday.

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Project Campaign

funded Homing


by Andrew Scott

HOMING is a 3 minute documentary. It's a journey through a New Zealand home on a summer's day. The work has been selected as one of ten...

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Project Campaign

funded Entropy

Mail me to Pasadena!

by Isaac Cleland

Help me take this opportunity to attend the American premiere screening of my film, Entropy in Pasadena!

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Project Campaign

Screen shot 2014 01 14 at 7.49.35 pm

Outsider Trading

by Martin Rumsby

OUTSIDER TRADING is directed, shot and edited by Martin Rumsby as an example of single-person filmmaking. (A form that Rumsby has been wo...

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Project Campaign

funded Tktposter final 2

The Knight Train

by Cut to the Dog Productions

Set in a modern day, New Zealand model store, The Knight Train shows the relationships that can exist between people of different generat...

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Project Campaign

This photo

The Hardest Route

by Joshua McCrackan

An exciting motorcycle adventure tour for KidsCan!

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Project Campaign

funded Project 1589

On the Morrow

by Luke Bonjers

Walt, an old man who, disillusioned with adult life, runs away to try and find a mysterious forest he played in as a child. It will be a...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 1638


by Virginia O'Connor

Do you think scenesters are ridiculous?Take a humorous look into the lives of four 'creatives' in Wellington. Capital Culture is a hila...

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Project Campaign

funded Screen shot 2013 12 12 at 3.57.02 pm

The Last Saint

by Matthew Horrocks

The Last Saint is a contemporary crime thriller set in Auckland’s underworld. It is the debut feature from writer/ director Rene Naufahu...

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Project Campaign

Project 1538

Utu Pihikete - a truly Kiwi Short film.

by Julieanne Stephens

We’re telling a beautiful Kiwi story BUT it’s an historic drama set in 1841 and so our wardrobe and art department have the exciting (and...

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Project Campaign

Project 1594

Motion Capture Project

by Naomi Shingler

Funding needed to help an undergraduate student fund her cinematographic Motion Capture projects in 2014. Funding goes towards paying for...

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Project Campaign

Project 1593

Along The Avon - Film

by Signal Films

My first film, Town Like, was created for a Year 13 Media Studies project, has been quite successful, appearing in The Press and on the N...

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Project Campaign

Project 1511

RX8 Advert (Student Film)

by Ryan Wood

A short film Advert, advertising a Mazda RX8. This is my final assessment project for YOOBEE design School.

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Project Campaign

Project 1482

Ryan Talent

by Janson Ryan

Ryan Talent is New Zealand's up and coming top talent agency focusing on both background and featured extras for film and TV.

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Project Campaign

funded Project 1485

The Pursuit Of Manhood

by Adam Spedding

A comedic feature film written and directed by Adam Spedding.

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Project Campaign

funded Project 1442

Forever Young (Short Film)

by Angela Cudd

Forever Young is a short film that explores the idea of 'living' opposed to just 'being alive'. It follows Hope, an ICU nurse, who deals ...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 1405

Unit 6

by Jane Sherning Warren

A young woman trying to escape her past is saved by the very thing she thought threatened her future. Image driven and dialogue free, thi...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 1452

Jade's Film Finale

by .

My name is Jade Streat and I am a third year Communication Design student at Otago Polytechnic. For my final project I chose to create a ...

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