Better Work Together - The Book! By Susan Basterfield, Natalie Sisson and Ants Cabraal

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About Better Work Together - The Book!

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The way we work together is as important as the work we do.

The future belongs to organisations that radically uplift the potential within their people.


Pre-order the book and join the bold mission to make radically open, innovative, purpose driven organisations the new normal.


Better Work Together



This won't be your average business book…

Co-authored by a community of entrepreneurs who have spent 7 years building one of the world’s most successful, innovative collectives.


Enspiral began in 2010 with a vision to change how we spend our productive time as human beings and to support more people to spend their lives working on the greatest challenges of our time.

We’ve grown a thriving, global community championing cutting edge organisational practices, launching companies, products, and collaborative initiatives that have bold ambition and social mission at their core.





Sharing hard won learnings, reflections and practical processes that you can adopt today.


We are in service of the organisations and people who are growing their positive social and environmental impact through their work.

This book will share our communities learnings, contribute to a growing global movement and help you transform your business.


Better Work Together Book


Who is this book for?


If you are a freelancer, running a team of 10 people, a company of 100 people or an organisation of 10,000 people you’ll find principles, insights and practical tactics you can apply directly to transform your business.


This book is perfect for:

#1 You're strengthening your community

You actively identify with and are building the future of work and community together already. You are our friends in the future of work ecosystem, know of us already or know of people who know of us and you want to learn more about how we work and what we've learned over the years.

#2. You're leading or building a powerful community

You are a leader of an existing organisation and are actively trying or learning about the future of working together / purpose /  engagement and innovation. You might have tried various things to change but got stuck or are looking for other ideas to increase your impact.

#3. You're a professional looking for your community

You are an solopreneur or freelancer who is missing a deeper sense of purpose and connection. You are looking to collectivise and build your tribe. You might have joined a co-working space, be exploring work communities or are looking for aligned collaborators.


      Enspiral Summerfest Retreat 2018

What questions will this book answer?

After years of ideating, building, testing, failing, improving, trying again and improving again we've collectively learned a whole lot about ways of working together, aligning around purpose and inspiring each other to be our best, most impactful selves at work.  


If you're interested in these kinds of questions, then you'll enjoy this book….

  • How do you support people to bring their best selves to their work?

  • What does the future of working together actually look like?

  • How can your business transform your market, your industry, the world?

  • What is the magic that actually keeps a high functioning team thriving?

  • How do you meaningfully include people in decision making?

  • How do you use collaborative financing to spur innovation?

  • How do you safely share ownership to maximise everyone's benefit?

  • How do you build a genuinely collective vision for an organization?

  • What are the best legal and financial structures to adopt to do this work?


How will this book benefit or help me? 

Regardless of if you are a freelancer, running a team of 10 people, a company of 100 people or an organisation of 10,000 people you’ll find principles, insights and practical tactics that you can apply directly to help build a transformative, purpose driven culture. So many organizations and individuals around the world are crying out for a better way to do business and a community to do it with. 


This will be a creative field guide for organizations who want to embrace the future of working together.

We're building 300+ pages of short essays, practical guides, toolkits, profiles, personal and collective reflections, rants and creative provocations. Expect it to be full of sharp thinking, big vision, deep reflection and practical tools - all wrapped in an engaging creative frame.

We're hoping it will help you:

* Learn practices to grow your capacity to lead and innovate.

* Expand your thinking.

* Reflect on real personal journeys and stories.

* Adopt and use tangible, useful processes and experiments in your business.


How can I contribute

The rewards we’ve pulled together give you a lot of choice and freedom to support us and this book in the best way you can. Check out the pledge levels on offer!


Note - all pledge levels generously include free shipping!


 Pledge Levels for Better Work Together


When will these be fulfilled?

The main book launch is scheduled for mid October 2018. The book is already being written and we intend to have the eBook available, even if a review copy, by early October. Physical books will be designed and distributed from early November.

If you choose one of the pledge options to be included in the book, we will be in touch much sooner!

Who are the authors?

The core production team is made up by Enspiral members and contributors: Susan Basterfield, Ants Cabraal and Natalie Sisson and the book will be co-authored by some of the leading active thinkers from the Enspiral community over the past 8 years including:


Authors of Better Work Together



Ants Cabraal is a creative producer, writer and business owner who has helped many Enspiral businesses start and grow since 2012. He serves as a director and advisor to several startups, and loves to get new ideas off the ground - including driving the creation of this book. He is based between Wellington New Zealand, and Melbourne, Australia.


Susan Basterfield is a catalyst and convenor of communities of purpose and intentional practice, exploring her hypothesis that our transition into what’s next will be brought about by and through community. Susan is the co-author of Reinventing Scaleups: Radical Ideas for Growing Companies and creator and convener of the Practical Self Management Intensive at Leadwise Academy.  


Alanna Irving was a key driving force in the Enspiral community for many years. A co-founder of Loomio, Cobudget, and other open source technology for deep collaboration, she deconstructs and reconstructs leadership, money, governance, and ownership for a radically cooperative future. She lives in Wellington, New Zealand. More:


Joshua Vial is the original founder of the Enspiral collective and has worked on many ventures and projects since then, most notably Dev Academy. As a programmer, entrepreneur, facilitator and educator he works in the space where technology, deep purpose and systemic change meet.


Chelsea Robinson is a systems change strategist who has been instrumental in building and leading organisations including, and She lives in San Francisco and continues to expand her impact and influence with a focus on philanthropic strategy & non-profit strategy. More:


Francesca Pick is a leader in several international collectives and has been a driving force in the growth of Ouishare. Her work is focused on community building, new organizational models and participatory governance. She is based in Europe and is the co-founder of Greaterthan, a venture building tools and practices for the collaborative decision-making around money and resources.


Sandra Chemin has co-founded ventures in the areas of marketing, digital technology, education and consultancy. She shares the depth of her experiences with entrepreneurs, executives and start-ups as a speaker, consultant, board member, coach and advisor. She helps professionals find thier purpose and transform organizations. She is based between New Zealand and Brazil.


Silvia Zuur brings people into the heart of all organisational change work. Over the last seven years she has been growing Enspiral with a focus on educational ventures, transformative events and healthy organisational strategy. An adventurer at heart, she has has based herself in Wellington. More:


Richard Bartlett has been cultivating the Enspiral garden since 2012. He co-founded Loomio, an open source software tool for collective decision-making, and The Hum, offering practical guidance for decentralised organisations. Rich is passionate about co-ownership, self-management, collaborative governance, and other ways of sneaking anarchism into respectable places.


Kate Beecroft is a strategist, facilitator, process designer and business developer who has been hosting events, launching products, building companies based on the principles of self management. She lives in Barcelona and is co-convenor of Leadwise Academy and co-founder of Greaterthan, a venture building tools and practices for collaborative decision-making around money and resources. Additionally, Kate researches crypto-philanthropy and the cultural anthropology of money and takes pride in spreading the virus of chickens (checkins).


Damian Sligo-Green has worked in sales and business development across many Enspiral consulting ventures. Today he lives in Wellington and works with Make Bamboo, a technology services business within the Enspiral community.


Natalie Sisson is a Freedomist, bestselling author, speaker, coach, educator and digital strategist. She’s run two successful book crowdfunding campaigns and written a book on this topic. She continues to leverage emerging technologies to create more freedom through smart systems, outsourcing and high performance habits. She loves her two White German Shepherds and playing Ultimate Frisbee. 

What will the money go towards?


Our goal is to cover the following costs for the book, so that we can well and truly share this message far and wide, and reach a global audience.


  • Cover design (you'll see two potential options we are choosing from)
  • Manuscript formatting
  • Copy editing
  • Printing (for you, reviews and launch time)
  • Distribution worldwide
  • Book website -
  • Graphic design for promotion
  • Podcast and audiobook production and editing
  • Video production
  • Covering costs of delivering some pledges
  • The official book launch and events from October 2018
  • Time and effort or the authors and production team 

Basically all funds raised here are going to this amazing book. The more we raise, the further we push this message to the world.

Help us choose our final book cover design! 

We currently have two cover designs we are in the process of choosing from. Neither are final but we really like them.

Help us choose by tweeting @enspiral with either JIGSAW or SCRABBLE and then #betterworktogether



Book cover option 1



Better Work Together Orange Cover


If in your guts you know there must be a better way to earn your income, if you’ve seen glimpses or felt tingles that a radically different way of doing work is possible, if you can see the old ways crumbling and are looking for whoever is working out what next…..

…..these are your people and this is your book.


If you want to spread the message further, use the share features at the top of this campaign to spread it far and wide!


Thanks and gratitude to you!




The People Behind Better Work Together - The Book!


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