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About Dragonfly Launches Bao Boy

Project 2017-11-08 16:50:52 +1300

We are bringing delicious, interesting and unique modern Asian street food to Wellington!


Bao Boy is a dream we have had to bring new and interesting flavours to the Wellington food scene. Inspired by the success of Dragonfly, we wanted to create a daytime offering in the form of modern Asian street food especially for Wellington.

In the winter of 2016, Bao Boy was born. “We want to bring the modern Asian flavours of up-market street food that have proved so popular at Dragonfly, to all of Wellington.” After testing the market, we discovered that people loved these steamed milk buns with exotic flavours.

Our first Bao Boy is planning to be open on Willis Street in the new Press Hall development in January 2018, and the second set to open in the following weeks at a developing College Street premises.


Artist's impression of Press Hall site

Press Hall Floor Plan

So, we need your help!!!! We're not asking for your help for nothing, however. We want to reward each person who helps us with great tastes of modern Asian street food and other fun and useful products.

 Please make a pledge to us, and we'll pledge to be forever Baotastic!



The People Behind Dragonfly Launches Bao Boy

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Hey! Thanks for checking out this project. We haven't made any updates yet, follow us if you want to be notified when we do.


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    Anonymous pledger
    2017-12-10 09:47:07 +1300

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    Falyn Cranston
    2017-12-04 22:31:26 +1300

    Falyn Cranston has pledged on 2 campaigns

    Kylie archer
    2017-12-04 18:27:41 +1300

    Kylie archer has pledged on 2 campaigns

    “Great work team Bao! Will be wonderful to have you in College Street!!”

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    Ellen Gilchrist
    2017-12-02 12:48:11 +1300

    Ellen Gilchrist has pledged on 2 campaigns

    Irene H
    2017-11-30 20:34:56 +1300

    Irene H has pledged on 9 campaigns

    Valerie Poort
    2017-11-30 19:18:48 +1300

    Valerie Poort has pledged on 6 campaigns

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    Erica Thomas
    2017-11-29 22:13:46 +1300

    Erica Thomas has pledged on 2 campaigns

    “Nice one guys! Scotty & Erica x”

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    Anonymous pledger
    2017-11-29 19:32:59 +1300

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    2017-11-29 12:24:42 +1300

    Diana has pledged on 2 campaigns

    “best of luck!”

    Paul Holmes
    2017-11-28 21:41:03 +1300

    Paul Holmes has pledged on 1 campaign

    “Looks Baotiful 😋”

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    Anonymous pledger
    2017-11-28 15:54:25 +1300

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    Dave Roche
    2017-11-28 15:17:16 +1300

    Dave Roche has pledged on 1 campaign

    “Can’t wait for my Bao’s. Thanks Dave AlphaNZ Technology Group”

    2017-11-27 15:56:55 +1300

    Eric has pledged on 3 campaigns

    “Love the Bao Boi, yeah Boi!!!”

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    Jenna Siladi
    2017-11-27 13:36:08 +1300

    Jenna Siladi has pledged on 1 campaign

    “Unbaolievable! I love these baos, absolutely delicious. Can't wait for you guys to open!!”

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    Don Wearing
    2017-11-27 13:29:39 +1300

    Don Wearing has pledged on 1 campaign

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