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About Mookies - Motivational cookies : First Big Bake Off!

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“Everything has been thought of before. The difficulty is to think of it again”


Until NOW!


Mookies vision


A global brand
A household name
World leader in thought provoking mind food


 1st Bake

Will be our original triple choc recipe made with real butter! 








The Potential




  • Add to the Mookie recipe range, Gluten free, diabetic, kiwi flavours, options are endless
  • Seasonal quotes : Valentines, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving
  • Range specific quotes : Beauty, Health, Birthday, Age, Jokes
  • Sell fortune Mookies to China (wouldn’t that be fun?!)
  • Launch kids range:- Mookies - motivating kids to learn
  • Gear up for retail



Mookie Mission

Mookies is a creative cookie company, think of us as the reinvented fortune cookie. We offer high quality, sustainable, delicious and inspiring “real food for thought.” We view ourselves as the friend customers turn to when they are looking for that one slice of motivation they need to inspire, change their mind and smile.


We aim to become a worldwide recognized brand name one bite at a time, from milk teeth to dentures. We will do this by maximising on the contagious word Mookies loaded with motivation in every message, all wrapped round a delicious cookie. Mookies – motivational cookies, got it?!!


Our goal is to infiltrate people’s minds, vocabulary and taste buds and we will succeed via “Success by word of mouth.”


 Mookies and Social Responsibility

1 Cent per Mookie sold will be saved in a fund to help support kids in need. The Mookie fund will available to local families who need a helping hand.



Down the track

The hardwork has been done, after our first big bake off we have in the pipeline Mookie Kids - Motivating Kids to learn. For example:- picture of a cat, the word cat and a sticker chart! 


 Possibilites are endless

with the imagination of children! 




The People Behind Mookies - Motivational cookies : First Big Bake Off!

15741299 10155732449298636 516078372150503714 n Madammookie Project admin

Most recently Sarah was the creator of Stepup Taranaki, where she got Taranaki dancing.  If you haven't seen it yet checkout Not afraid of a challenge Mookies is next on the hit list. One of the original inventors of Mookies, Sarah is true evangelist and constant promoter of Mookies product development. Her key interests and skills lie in the branding and marketing of Mookies. Her CV history starts in the UK where she was a business analyst in the retail IT sector.  She was also co-founder of ITmaniacs recruitment in New Zealand.

What Sarah brings to the Mookie recipe is 10 years of product knowledge, from its initial concept to where it is now. A self-confessed expert in bus stop marketing Sarah constantly watches market trends and motivation is something she not only embraces but lives by. Not known as a conventional “thinker”!



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    “Firm believer in what you do!! Bring on the "MOOKIES"!!!”

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