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About FRUIT and NUTS UNLIMITED! The Creation of Abundant Food Forests and Community Orchards in Aotearoa

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Fruit & Nuts Documentary

A quiet revolution is taking seed in communities all over Aotearoa, New Zealand. People are reconnecting with the source of their food and joining together to co-create a range of inspirational food initiatives. 

Fruit & Nuts Unlimited! – The third documentary from the Localising Food Project, continues our kaupapa to inspire, empower and educate communities nationwide. This feature-length film explores perennial public plantings of fruit and nut trees, from open orchards in Waitate to community Food Forests on Waiheke Island.

What we have captured is a definitive documentation of a unique time, place and space…the birth and growth of the food forest movement in Aotearoa, New Zealand.  Preserving a rich heritage of flavourful heirloom fruit varieties to nourish future generations. 

He Tangata!

It’s about the people who are creating and sharing this abundance of kai and forming strong social connections along the way. 

YOU can now help US to make this a reality !!!

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As of July 2016, we have footage of over 50 locations around New Zealand and interviews with leading figures in the food forest, permaculture, open orchard and heritage orchard movments. The storyline follows a winding path of greening the red-zone in the Otakaro / Avon river area of Canterbury post the 2011 Christchurch Earthquakes; branching out into the four corners of the country for inspiration and ideation - korero and kai.

From heirloom nurseries in the far north to heritage harvest festivals in the deep south - food forests, community orchards, heritage collections, supermarkets, co-ops, backyards and common space...these places have been truly inspirational!! Providing a juicy buffet of stories to incorporate into our finished feature-length documentary.  

The post-production of this documentary is halfway there - it's amazing!! - But editing has stalled due to funding. So we need your support to reach $9999 target...



 Some of our Storytellers...



"A food forest is designed to create an ecosystem that mimics the relationships that are beneficial to humans, animals, plants & insects in a natural forest system." 

Sacha Healey - Feeding our futures Hui


"The most effective way to break down any social or cultural boundary is through order to truly dissolve the sense of separation and otherness we must participate together at all levels of food production, harvest, appreciation and celebration."

James Samuel - Community Food Campaigner.


"We have to go back to the old varieties. These are the important ones for our health and future generations of New Zealanders."

Mark Christensen - The Heritage Food Crops Research Trust


The Localising Food Project started life in 2012 with a team of passionate permaculturalists, videographers, digital producers & support crew traveling to the four corners of Aotearoa, New Zealand to connect with communities, teach workshops and film over 200 examples of local food resilience. Since then with your support we have continued to capture a grassroots resilience movement that is about much more than sustainability. In the process we have interviewed hundreds of thought provoking people with a passion for local food initiatives. 



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The People Behind FRUIT and NUTS UNLIMITED! The Creation of Abundant Food Forests and Community Orchards in Aotearoa

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(1) Our Videographers/Editors/Producers


Rich Humphreys (Christchurch) – specializes in online interactive trans-media experiences; does a wide range of documentary production for Broadcast in New Zealand and abroad - lifestyle, magazine, action sports, news, reality programs, community, corporate and arts-based digital media projects. Our ‘Fruit & Nuts Unlimited’ documentary producer.

Birgit Baader (Motueka, ex Germany) raising awareness of the interconnectivity of all life, through her roles as screenwriter and director for TV documentaries in NZ and Europe, free lance journalist, editor, book translator and author. Our ‘Growing Schools’ documentary producer.

Zara Mann (Nelson) –combining her affinity with nature with video; BDes with Honors in digital video, Massey Uni, Wellington.

Samuel Irwin (Golden Bay) –unique vision for visual storytelling re people living in balance with nature; extensive film work within Oz and NZ; creative work featured in film festivals; qualifications in Natural History Filmmaking (Otago Uni) and Cinematography (International Film School Sydney). Editor at Sauce Post Production (Wellington).

Fredd Marshall (Wellington) –passionate about land-based artistic expression; plenty of community-scale, permaculture and activist documentary production and editing.

Ross Inness-McLeish (Wellington) –committed to hands-on simple living based on deep ecology ethics, pervades his work; has made award-winning team competition documentaries and produced promotional videos for organic food producers.

Yukiko Nakagiri (Japan) –nowadays permaculture and sustainable living systems pervade her work; previously production manager for an advertising film production company; has degree in Information Design (Tama Art University in Tokyo, Japan);

Caroline Dugoni (Wellington)

Leigha Speirs-Hutton (Wellington)

Peter Kemp (Nelson)Assistant Videographer.
Peter trained in documentary making at NMIT in 2009/10, and has been freelancing since then under the logo Overview Media. With six commissioned works and seven of his own behind him, he is well on the way to maturity in the field. His current project is an educational video about Corporate Social Responsibility.

Wiremu Grace (Wellington)

(2) Eduators & Organisers

Robina McCurdy (Golden Bay) - works professionally as a Permaculture & organic gardening educator and community development facilitator, author and publisher; founder of the Institute of Earthcare Education Aotearoa, pioneer of international programme S.E.E.D.; ‘Localising Food’ primary project co-ordinator.

Annaliese Hordern (Australia) –works as a Permaculture educator, activist and gardener, eco-consultant with a degree in Environmental Resource Management; from Northern NSW Australia. Educator on Nth Island ‘Localising Food’ tour.

Gordyn Hamblyn (Nth Canterbury) – is a diversified farmer, Permaculture educator & designer, personal & social development facilitator. Educator on Nth Is ‘Localising Food’ tour.

Jon Foote (Dunedin) –is a Permaculture educator, designer & consultant. Educator on South Island ‘Localising Food’ tour.

Robbie Lawton (Wanaka) –is a Permaculture designer and consulting civil engineer specialising in environmental engineering. Educator on Nth Island ‘Localising Food’ tour.

(3) Specialised Support Roles



Heidi Clark (Auckland, ex Canada) – passionate about growing sustainability through shared understandings, education and action; degrees in Environ Science, Marketing, Commerce, Business Admin, worked as senior strategic planning and policy positions Environ Policy Unit, Min of Ag. Now works with Landcare Research; own business is ‘Banyan Media’.

Laurence Boomert (Golden Bay) –focus is contingency planning, green business development and community-up solutions. Founder of NZ Environmental Business Network, runs ‘Bank of Real Solutions’, on board of ‘Living Economies’.

Leah McBey (Christchurch) –highly experienced business manager, currently communications officer with Chch City Council. Was one of our national Localising Food tour co-ordinators.

Web Development

Gee Heijneman (Golden Bay, ex Netherlands) – into Permaculture, appropriate technology, nature connection, healing, spirituality, community, organic growing (his company ‘Growalicious’) and holistic living; worked globally as a Graphic / Web Designer and Webmaster; Dip. Multimedia Production (Amsterdam).

Michael O’Sullivan (Auckland, ex India)
Has Bach Communication Studies (Ak Uni Tech); freelance graphic designer and photographer, diverse work in advertising & media agencies. Now works with ‘Banyan Media’.

Nicola Rankin

Duncan Brown

Documentary Researchers

Petra Stephenson (Motueka) – Permaculture and ecovillage designer and educator; Dipl. Environmental Management (Massey Uni), received ‘Bay of Plenty Environmental Award’. Local activist in environmental protection, food resilience, sustainable economics, primarily though ‘Vision Motueka Strategy Group’ and ‘Motueka Timebank’ groups. Researcher for our ‘Fruit & Nuts Unlimited’ and ‘Community Gardens’ documentaries.

Susie Lees (Moutere) - campaigner for GE Free New Zealand and organic farmer. Our ‘Rural-Urban Link’ documentary researcher.

Ami Kennedy (Nelson) - school gardens teacher and environmental educator, Permaculture education and design; own consultancy ‘Germinate’; Our main ‘Growing Schools’ researcher.

Erin Young (Australia) –Permaculture educator, Sociocracy governance systems facilitator; previously communications manager for ‘Food Connect’, in Brisbane. One of our researchers on ’Securing our Seed Sources’ documentary.



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    Greening the Redzone - Fruit & Nuts Unlimited

    05:04PM Thu 15/09/16 on FRUIT and NUTS UNLIMITED! The Creation of Abundant Food Forests and Community Orchards in Aotearoa

    There 7-days left in our PledgeMe campaign to raise $10k to finish the post-production on Fruit & Nuts Unlimited. CLICK HERE TO DONATE:
    Above is just part of the story featured in the film. Over the past 4 years we have travelled to the four corners of Aotearoa to capture perennial public plantings of fruit and nut tree. From Food Forests on Waiheke Island to Greening the Redzone in Christchurch. 

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    "Fruit & Nuts Unlimited!" Not as urgent as "SOS Save Our Seeds"? Believe us, it is!

    01:42PM Thu 15/09/16 on FRUIT and NUTS UNLIMITED! The Creation of Abundant Food Forests and Community Orchards in Aotearoa

    Watch the video to learn how Food Campaigner James Samuel got community & council behind the Waiheke Island Community Food Forest Project.

    The production of this documentary is already halfway there, and it's amazing!! - but editing has stalled due to funding.  We need your support to reach $9999.  To date we have raised over $3500 and with 7 days today we need your support to share the story with your family, friends & community.

    "Fruit & Nuts Unlimited!" takes us from Riverton in the Deep South to Kerikeri in the Far North, visiting great examples of public orchards, heirloom nurseries and food forests of all scales – including thought-provoking interviews about the serious decline of locally grown fruit.  

    Many similar messages resound everywhere – here’s a few…

    • The wholesale chainsawing of established orchards to make way for new housing developments

    • The modern commercial trend towards the removal of time-proven hardy fruit varieties in favour of fertiliser & pesticide dependent trees - "Brand Name" varieties owned by big corporations.

    • The vital importance of bio-regional nurseries to propagate heirloom treecrops which are suited to the conditions of their area.

    Some calls to action we show happening around the country are:

    •  A reclaiming of the commons with the planting of legacy projects that will produce abundant free fruit for generations to come.

    • Community groups working in partnership with local councils to manage shared space.

    • Grafting & propagation of special heritage varieties - we show you how!

    A few of our wonderful storytellers... 

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