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About Riot Foods




Riot Foods is a new generation food business with an unshakeable commitment to producing wholefoods that taste great, are free from harmful ingredients and accessible to mainstream consumers. 

Through our CleanPaleo and Poppy + Olive brands, we package real food in an attempt to make following a genuinely healthy lifestyle enjoyable and convenient. 

We want to lead the revolution against "non-food" ingredients, and bogus nutritional information.

We want you to be a part of the revolution!







Why Crowdfunding? 

The Myth

When we developed our first humble cereal in a brown paper bag and offered it to the boutique supermarkets, they were instantly supportive of the concept of whole foods and the unique offer that we could provide.

Then there were the “doubters” & “nay-sayers” – the financiers, the agencies and the competing big brands:

“The world does not need another cereal manufacturer or biltong supplier”

“There are too many protein products and suppliers in the market”

“Paleo is a flash in the pan, a fad – and what will your business have to offer after that?”


The Reality

Paleo is one of the pillars of what we know as whole food. The food that is healthy for you to eat, based on your genetic makeup and gut related bacteria. In principle “whole food” is food that has

  • No added flavours
  • No refined sugars
  • No preservatives
  • Minimally processed
  • As close to nature as possible

Riot Foods brands were the early starters in the food riot – and we are still here with increasing products and market share. As a result, we need to setup a second manufacturing facility. We manufacture tasty whole foods under trusted and recognised brands that our wise customer base finds tasty, nutritional and convenient.


To date the current shareholders have invested approximately $3.8 million to develop Riot Foods to this exciting position.


It’s the crowd who have helped us prove the nay-sayers wrong. Now we want to invite our crowd in to support us further. This is the opportunity to make this your business too! 






About our Team



Ryan Kamins - CEO / Director / Founder Galvanizer & Instigator
Ryan studied Commerce and Law at the University of Canterbury (Undergraduate), and currently oversees and manages the running of all aspects of the business. As the founder, the passion and drive is endless! Say no more! 

Arthur Green - Director / Brand Ambassador Instigator
Art’s bachelor degree in Food Nutrition counted for little during his stint as New Zealand’s first ‘Bachelor’. Art has established a respected following as one of New Zealand’s leading fitness and wellness ambassadors. He’s committed to combatting mediocre nutrition and helping people lead a healthier lifestyle.



David Craig - Investor / Brand Manager Master Forger
David’s background is in marketing and design management. He has extensive FMCG experience and has worked on both ‘sides of the fence’ – working for the likes of multi nationals such as Cadbury and founding his own company (Sequent) that helped blue chip corporates deliver their brand and retail vision into the market place.



Tim Holt - Sales Manager Master Trafficker
Tim has recently joined the Riot Foods team with extensive experience in market leading FMCG companies (Unilever, Nestle, Frucor, Beiresdorf, Foodstuffs NI) in roles including National Sales and Marketing Management to CEO. Tim brings a strong result driven focus in competitive and complex environments combined with a high level of commercial astuteness to the Riot Foods business. Tim is responsible for driving Sales strategy across New Zealand and Australia.


Marilyn Howard - Operations Manager & Finance Enforcer
Marilyn has extensive experience in operational and financial responsibilities across a wide variety of businesses.





Jamie King - Production Manager Rabble-rouser
Jamie is a founding employee. Standing side by side with Ryan through the early days when setting up factories was a real challenge. His elbow grease and dedication has seen him develop to a management position.



 Food Awards


The Offer

We are selling up to 17.8% in Riot Foods Limited to our crowd at a pre-money valuation of $4.6 mil. Shares are priced at $0.27 each and the minimum investment amount for any one investor is $500.04 (1,852 shares).


Shareholding stucture


Types of shares on offer 

The Constitution provides for two classes of shares: Ordinary Shares and Investor shares The Crowd are being offered Investor Shares, and Ordinary shares for those who invest $150,000+.

The investor shares are non-voting but will have the following rights:

Non-voting shares do not give the holder the right to vote in relation to any resolution of Riot Foods, except on a proposal that will affect the rights attached to the Investor Shares.

Non-voting shares will give the holders:

  • The right to an equal share in any dividends authorized by the board
  • The right to an equal share in the distribution of surplus assets of Riot Foods

Investor shareholders have no rights to vote on removal or appointment of directors.

The ordinary shares are voting shares and have full voting rights attached.

You can read more about the rights attached to ordinary and investor shares in our constitution.




What we're raising the money for?






What we've done so far

Over the past 3 years, we've gone from being a supplier to niche health and grocery stores whilst making product in the evenings at a rented bakery, to supplying over 250 major supermarkets and producing from our own gluten free manufacturing facility. You can now find our products in online and brick and mortar retailers in countries such as the USA, Australia, and Singapore.  

Having achieved revenue of $1.4m in FY17 (up from $860k in FY16), Riot Foods is forecasting revenue growth of 50% to $2.1m in FY18, and is forecast to generate sales of $7.4m and positive EBITDA of $121k in FY20, with significant continued growth in sales and EBITDA through FY22. 



What's next?

To achieve our growth strategy we will be focusing on the following 5 marketing objectives:

1. Extend the distribution of existing products through our existing retail channels in NZ

2. Extend the distribution of existing products into major retailers in Australia

3. Establish a presence in the petrol and convenience channels in NZ and AUS

4. Continue to build our brands through existing and new export markets

5. New Product Development - Launch a consolidated portfolio of further products and brands



Risks and Challenges

Stage of the business – we are young lean business. As a result, we’ve had to become adept at learning and responding to challenges. However, to take us further ahead, we have enlisted the support of specialist consultants and service providers to surround our leadership team with the resources to make informed strategic decisions and hold us accountable to the targets that have been set.


Stage of the market – the market for health and wellness foods in New Zealand is still developing and while demand is strong, we need to be considered and deliberate in the categories and market segments we target. Failing to do this will leave our brand stretched and open the door for established brands to sweep in and capitalise on the opportunity.


Affordability – 79% of consumers perceive healthy foods to be expensive and 52% believe that these foods are lacking flavor (Mintel). While our food philosophy and product development experience gives us the tools to address the later, we need to ensure we are working towards creating a product portfolio that delivers health and wellness foods at an accessible price-point.


Foreign Exchange – currency fluctuations are a factor in our business. At this stage, one of our risk management tools is the natural hedge where the import costs for ingredients are offset by our exports to Australia and the US.


Budget – Given our growth trajectory, it is difficult to forecast financial performance and cashflows accurately, especially longer than 12 months out. Our inputs are largely commoditised ingredients which fluctuate in price, and as we enter new export markets, our sales forecasts remain uncertain. To mitigate budget risk we have invested significant time and resource into financial modelling, and accuracy has greatly improved utilising the experience of our new Australasian sales manager. Our financial model is based on what we expect is reasonably achievable in revenue terms, and expense items are modelled accordingly.


New markets – the export markers we have identified remain largely untested and this presents uncertainty in the level of earnings we will generate from these markets. We have aimed to mitigate this uncertainty as best we can but engaging external advisors (Katabolt) and spending significant time and effort researching and assessing which markets to enter and when.


Staff retention / key person – key person risk arises from the fact that Ryan has been with the company since day one, and has been the driving force behind the growth of Riot Foods to date. We may mitigate key person risk and wider staff retention risk by way of employee share incentives.

From a brand perspective, Art’s role as brand ambassador is a key reason for Riot Foods has strong brand equity and such a loyal following of consumers. The risk of Art parting with the company is largely mitigated by his ownership share in Riot Foods.


IP – IP risk is minimal. There is no significant IP involved in our operations other than the manufacturing know-how we have developed. Our custom-built facility (WFM) presents a barrier to entry for competitors as a result of the capital outlay it would require to replicate such a facility.


Competition – We have no direct competitors in the pure Paleo Brand space. Large NZ breakfast manufacturers have unsuccessfully tried to launch Paleo products, however large food brands contradict themselves by trying to promote both their existing ranges, as well as free-from products. Furthermore, we believe it would be extremely hard for a competitor to make a cheaper alternative that still tastes good.


Scale-up – there is minimal risk that we grow too fast for our existing operation arrangements. The majority of our ingredients are major commodities. Our extended manufacturing facility will have significant capacity with the ability to increase capacity with further capital spend. There are risks related to timing in the set up of the additional manufacturing facility. This will be mitigated by senior management close involvement in the project.


Note from PledgeMe

We have completed a Veda check on the company and their directors, as well as a google check. There were no adverse findings. 


    80% there!

    12:35PM Wed 21/02/18 on Riot Foods

    Hi All,

    With just over a week to go, we are now at just under 80% of our minimum target. This has come from a couple of significant sized Pledges over the past 2 weeks. 

    We still have several significant parties continuing their due diligence, and believe we can take this all the way to the $1m

    Thanks to all those who have joined us and those still driving awareness of the campaign!

    Comment on this update:

    Campaign Extension

    01:23PM Thu 08/02/18 on Riot Foods

    We have decided to extend our campaign until the 28th of February for 2 significant reasons. Since the January holiday period has come to a close for most investors and businesses, we now have 7 significant parties in various stages of due diligence for this offer. Some who have come to the table as recently as last week.

    To give these parties adequate time for due diligence, this extension is necessary. We have also been progressing finance options with a First Tier NZ Bank for equipment and working capital funding. Indications are that this facility could be in place as early as the 20th of February. This gives Riot the comfort that even if only the minimum is raised during this round, we should be able to execute the opportunities as planned.

    Because we are extending the offer further, existing pledgers now have the opportunity to opt out of their commitments.  If you would like to opt out, please email the PledgeMe team at [email protected] We hope that these recent updates help the decision to remain committed to investing in Riot.

    Thank you again for your support. Let's make this happen! 

    Comment on this update:

    Coles Australia and Updated FY19 Forecasts

    01:36PM Thu 01/02/18 on Riot Foods

    Hi Everyone!

    Just over a week to go and we are now just under a third of the way there with 99 Pledger/Investors. We are also thrilled to announce some new business developments, and some adjustments to our FY19 forecasts because of these:

    Coles Australia has ranged Riot Foods CleanPaleo Biltong products beginning April this year. Final store numbers are yet to be confirmed, but indications are between 400-600 stores. This will be managed through our existing Australian Distributor, who has placed a first order due for delivery in April worth $70,000. 
    These store numbers are in line with what Riot Foods had projected to be in Australian Supermarket distribution by 2022, and so a key focus will be to add our other existing CleanPaleo products to Coles stores over the next few years.
    This announcement is on the back of BP New Zealand petrol stations taking on the Biltong range this month into 60 stores nationally, with further rollout expected over 2018. Both Coles and BP opportunities reflect the increasing consumer demand for convenient, healthy, whole foods, here and across the ditch.
    The increasing distriibution of existing products in exisiting and new channels has underpinned our original forecast growth model for FY19. Other significant NZ developments have been occurring, including New Product Development (NPD) programmes. This has resulted in an improved forecast performance for FY19. In saying this, the model is still reliant on the fund raise being successful in the time frames expected.
    The revised FY19 forecast summary and high level Explanations of these assumptions are included in the newly uploaded document under the details section of this page "RIOT_FY19_Update.pdf"
    We have also uploaded a document called "Common_Investor_Questions_Preso.pdf", which has a summary of some common investor questions and concerns that we have answered. We hope this will help those of you still with reservations or questions about investing.
    We can't wait for the rest of you to join us on this journey, and thanks to everyone so far who has Pledged!


    Comment on this update:

    Happy New Year - Biltong Range into BP

    12:11PM Mon 15/01/18 on Riot Foods

    Happy New Year to you all!

    After a hectic silly season we are thrilled that the campaign is now at just under 25% of it's target. Thank you to all who pledged over the holiday period.

    We are also extremely excited to announce that our CleanPaleo Biltong range will be available in BP petrol stations across the country from February. Petrol Stations and convenience channels are an important aspect to our business model and forecasts, so are thrilled that we now have a presence there.

    For those of you who are interested in chatting to Art and myself (Ryan) around the business and products, or you have any questions about PledgeMe and the capital raise, we will be hosting a Facebook Live event at 8pm on Wednesday the 17th of January. Just make sure you follow our CleanPaleo page on facebook, and stay tuned at around 8pm.

    Have a great week! 

    Comment on this update:

    Big Developments : Campaign Extension

    10:30AM Fri 15/12/17 on Riot Foods

    Hi Rioters,

    We’ve recently had some exciting new developments which, if finalised, helps to underpin the next 5 years of our business model. This opportunity is set to begin in January/February (next month)! 

    Due to this huge opportunity, we’ve decided to extend the campaign and allow our crowd to be right there with us on the next stage of our journey as we execute.

    There’s no doubt this opportunity has come from the help of our crowd, so thank you. Let’s all try to get the Riot even bigger over the next month and continue to revolutionise the food industry!

    Happy Rioting!

    Comment on this update:

    Share Trading and Sale Of Shares

    08:28PM Thu 07/12/17 on Riot Foods

    To clarify some previous questions around share trading:

    As Directors, we cannot provide what would be deemed as financial advice as to what the shares are worth. i.e. We would not set the daily price ourself, but based on the financial results, shareholders could apply a suitable multiple to determine a valuation.
    We also do not guarantee any buyback of the shares. We are limited to providing a 'matching facility', which would be ensuring willing buyers are able to communicate with willing sellers. Initially this may just be phone or email communication.
    We certainly agree that his could become very time consuming sorting out the trading issues. But if this was the case, we would then look to implement a 3rd party provider or platform, which may be able to facilitate the 'daily trading / price' you have outlined. An example of a solution may be a platform such as 'ShareMart', which would be able to inform shareholders of the last selling price of shares, and allow shareholders to leave shares for sale at a certain price.

    An IPO would be dilutionary, as the primary purpose of this would be to raise new money.  However, it may be possible for shareholders to sell down their shares as part of this offer. 

    Comment on this update:

    We're Live and Rioting

    02:39PM Thu 07/12/17 on Riot Foods

    Hi Everyone!

    Thanks for your support so far. We are thrilled to have more and more people joining the Riot.

    A big thank you to everyone who has pledged already!

    We look forward to having a drink with you later today at:

    Brothers Brewery

    5 Akiraho St

    Mt Eden

    Art and myself will be there from 4pm onwards

    Happy Rioting!

    Comment on this update:

    Offer Details

    Current Valuation 4,622,941
    Raise Minimum 600,000
    Raise Maximum 1,000,000
    Share Price 0.27
    Maximum Shares Offered 3,703,703
    Explanation of valuation:

    Riot Foods has set a pre-money valuation of $4.6 mil, based on a 2.2 x multiple of the six months of revenue (May to October 2017), annualised. In the six months from May to October 2017, revenue was $1.05 mil - expanding that out to twelve months, would be $2.1m.
    The share price, and subsequent valuation is unchanged from our last capital raise in November 2017. The table on page 12 of our IM gives a relative comparison between Riot Foods and similar companies from around the globe.

    Financial Summary

    Prev Year Current Year Est. FY 2020 Est. FY 2021
    Revenue $1,383,000 $2,055,000 $3,932,000 $7,366,000
    Operating Expenses $1,535,000 $2,269,000 $2,942,000 $4,412,000
    EBITDA -$640,000 -$974,000 -$465,000 $121,000
    Net Profit -$928,000 -$1,159,000 -$638,000 $7,000

    Company Details

    Company Name: Riot Foods Limited

    Company Number: 5494241

    Company details are currently being synced with the Companies Office, please wait.

    Company Documents

    Documents no longer available to download, as this campaign has closed

    Director Details

    Name Role Profile URL Invested?
    Ryan Kamins Galzanizer & Instigator
    Arthur Green Instigator
    Trevor Kamins Tipster & Instigator
    Robin Chemaly Chief Regulator & Instigator

    Ask a Question (You must login to ask a question)

    Avatar small

    Hi there... couple of things. Once people have bought their shares, how will the trading of those shares be conducted. Usually you have a trading account and you can buy and sell whenever you want for a readily visible price. How does all that work in this case? Also, how did you determine the value of your company and the shares themselves? Cheers.

    Posted on 07-12-2017 by Amanda Maclaren

    Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for the interest in the campaign. There is no current trading account or platform in place by the company, however the Board will facilitate the trading of shares should shareholders wish to do so. If the raise is successful, we will assess whether it is necessary to establish a trading account / platform to facilitate this rather than doing so via direct communication. The number of shareholders coming on board and demand for sale / purchase will likely dictate this.

    In terms of Valuation, you will see in the IM that we have set this at 2.2x previous 6 months revenue (1 May 2017 to 31 October 2017), annualised, which is $2.1m. This has also been matched against a Discounted Cash Flow valuation, which puts the $4.6m valuation in the lower to middle range of that.

    Hope this has helped you

    Answered on 07-12-2017 by Ryan Kamins

    Hi again - thanks for the previous answer (I can email if multiple questions are going to be annoying). So... if you guys are, in theory, going to handle the ongoing trading of shares once you've raised the amount of money you want, how are you going to set the daily price, and where will this be advertised? Will you guarantee to buy them back, or will someone have to wait until somebody puts their hand up for them? If, say, you wound up with a couple of thousand people who had bought a minimum amount of shares, you may find yourself with a full-time job taking calls and sorting out trading issues. Obviously, in the short-medium-term absence of dividends, the 'investment' is the likely increase in the value of the company, so it seems crucial that the share value be regularly assessed and that people be able to buy and sell in a timely fashion. Also, if you do consider an IPO in the future, how will that affect existing shareholders i.e. a presumable dilution in their shareholding? Sorry, that was lots of questions. Cheers.

    Posted on 07-12-2017 by Amanda Maclaren

    Hi Amanda,

    Do you mind sending me an email to [email protected]?
    Will probably be easier to address all the questions

    Answered on 07-12-2017 by Ryan Kamins

    Hi Ryan, can you please send me the second response that was sent to Amanda?? Many thanks, Andrew

    Posted on 07-12-2017 by Andrew Hibbert Hindin-Miller

    Hi Andrew,

    Yes not a problem. As soon as I am able to reply to Amanda, I will also respond to you with a summary of the key points. Will also most likely provide an update to the campaign page around these questions

    Thanks for your patience

    Answered on 07-12-2017 by Ryan Kamins

    Hi, can you please help me understand the valuation? You have used 6 months revenue. Why not a full year or average of the last two years when you have this information. Also, why have you used revenue and not NPAT or adjusted NPAT? Thanks!

    Posted on 09-12-2017 by Belinda Skinner

    Hi Belinda,

    Thats a really good question. Our valuation method is a typical one for early stage FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) companies. This is because in the early stages, particularly ones that also manufacture, marketing and overhead costs are high in order to win shelf space and be able to keep up with demand.
    We have had valuations done using similar methodology by 3rd parties over the course of business. A lot of companies similar to ours actually base their valuation on a multiple of the next years forecasted revenue, where in our case we have tried to use an actual results method.

    A useful website to see valuations of similar companies to ours is:

    Although these have been based on transactions occurring in the USA, you can see that our valuation is on the conservative side of these comparable transactions.

    I hope this has helped you? If you would like some more detail or have further questions, please send me an email to [email protected]

    Answered on 09-12-2017 by Ryan Kamins

    The cash flow model looks flawed. For example, under the operating movements for the FY18 year it has cash inflows $951K, outflows -$2K (must be a cheap year) and then net movements of -$658K. Struggling to interpret that.

    Posted on 13-12-2017 by Hamish Baker

    Hi Hamish – thank you for that – good pick up.
    The summary model line “Outflow from Operating Activity” had picked up the wrong line off the detailed supporting model. This has been corrected. All the other lines including net movements etc are the same

    Answered on 15-12-2017 by Ryan Kamins

    Hi Riot Food,

    Great Product! And great PR, especially getting Art involved.

    However, I am just concerned with your sustained, long term, forecasted lost. On my calculation, you will have an accumulated lost of $3 million by the end of next year. Even if you reach maximum pledge, this will barely cover your lost for 2018. And according to your forecast, you will continue to bleed cash until 2020/ basically, every penny invested until your eventual breakeven goes towards paying off debt.

    How do you plan on mitigating the significant risks of negative gearing (and keeping the bank happy) while growing and expanding?

    Posted on 30-12-2017 by Jack Liu

    Hi Jack,

    Thanks for the kind words and the questions. Most of the losses you have mentioned have already occurred, and have been provided for by exisiting shareholder investment. When this raise completes, there will only be 2 months left in FY18 (10 months of losses in FY18 have already been covered by the exisiting shareholders and investors).

    As you have mentioned however, there is forecast to be further losses and outflow of cash, but we have not forecast for this to be covered by debt or negative gearing as you mentioned. We plan to raise another $1m in equity in 12 months time, and this will cover the remaining outflow of cash until the business is cashflow positive.

    Although we have not forecast needing any bank debt, the company may seek to do so if appropriate.

    I hope this helps your queries Jack

    Answered on 31-12-2017 by Ryan Kamins

    Good evening, can you please advise the remuneration of senior staff. Does Art Green get paid by Riot Foods for promotional work?

    Posted on 09-01-2018 by Brian Green

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the question. Yes, shareholders / directors are paid for their time. For founders like Art and Ryan, until now this has not been at fair market value as there has been elements of sweat equity, but fair market value (based on role, responsibilities, value etc) will be the rate of pay for all staff going forward, whether they are shareholders or not.

    Answered on 10-01-2018 by Ryan Kamins

    Hi guys, if we invest and you don't meet your 600k target. What then?

    Posted on 23-01-2018 by Alex Liddle

    Hey Alex,
    That's a good question. Although we are confident we will still get there, unfortunately that situation will mean that you will not receive shares in the company. As a business we will seek alternative financing options and look at our less aggressive growth models to improve our profitability in the short to medium term. For those like yourself who are passionate about becoming a shareholder, you've just got to convince your mates to get on board and get us over that line!

    Answered on 23-01-2018 by Ryan Kamins

    Hi Ryan

    I like your products but I have a few questions about some of the details of the offer if you don't mind:

    1) On page 12 of your IM you say that you compare your company to "similar companies". While they all appear to be in the food sector, the revenues of 7 out of the 9 companies are drastically different to yours (20m - 100m in revenue compared to 2.1m for Riot). Would it be more accurate to just compare yourselves to Oceania Natural and Angel Food? And if so, is that enough of a sample size (2 companies) to give us, the investors, an accurate picture in relation to industry multiples?

    2) On page 14 you foreshadow further fundraising, sorry if you have answered this somewhere, but do pre-emptive rights attach to my shares?

    3) If possible, can you please provide more detail around the 1,055 of operating overheads incurred in FY17?

    4) In your video I believe Art says you plan to build a second manufacturing facility. Have you already built one? Why did you decide to go down this road (building one or even two factories) as opposed to contract manufacturing / leasing premises?

    5) What depreciation method do you use?

    6) I note you have provided updated FY19 guidance but have yet to indicate how that will flow through into the forecast for later years. Working off your original forecast, what concerns me is the percentage rate of revenue growth in FY19 and beyond. Given you have six months "in the books" for FY18 I assume this is the most accurate forecast you have (at 49% growth). Why do you think it will then jump to 91% and stay around that level for the next two years (87% and 84%) before declining to 49% again in FY22?

    7) The statement "We have no direct competitors in the pure Paleo Brand space", concerns me. Do you not consider Hello Raw, Cathedral Cove Naturals, Pure Delish, Forage or Paleo People to be competitors? If not, is it possible you have defined "pure Paleo Brand space" too narrowly?

    Best of luck for the offer.

    Posted on 02-02-2018 by Dan Jackson

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your questions. Please see responses below:

    1. Agree with your points here Dan. Due to the early nature of the "Paleo/Wholefood" industry, it has been difficult to find any other similar sized transactions here and offshore. Most of these transactions were examples used by 3rd party specialists who provided us support when determining our valuation. Although the revenues are considerably higher, they are companies who are in the "wholefood" or "specialty" food space. Due to these factors, we have erred on the side of caution for our multiple.

    2. Yes there are pre-emptive rights for shareholders. Please see section 11 of the constitution for more detail

    3. This is made up of Manufacturing Expenses, Admin Expenses, Rent and Vehicles, Travel, Salaries and Wages, Consulting, Accounting, and Legal Expenses

    4. By "build" Art means install the necessary equipment and fitout into a leased facility we have secured since December. The main reason for this is the Biltong products, in which currently the major part of the process has been contract manufactured. We now intend to bring this in-house for a few reasons; timeliness of contract manufacturer supply which is impacting our cashflow, the ability to meet export orders outside NZ and AUS due to contractors level of Food Control Programmes, and the margin savings by bringing the process in-house now that volumes are lifting considerably.

    5. We use a combination of diminishing value and straight-line, which is applied as appropriate by our 3rd party Accountants.

    6. It is very difficult to accurately forecast further than 12-24 months, and so the 5 year forecasts have been based on what we felt was reasonably achievable based on the tables in the IM. Australia and it's major supermarkets have been behind NZ in the Paleo / Wholefood space, and this is what has given our forecasts that "jump" over the next few years before the revenue starts flattening again. We do believe that if the capital for further international expansion is available, it could be possible to continue that rate of growth through markets outside NZ and Australia.

    7. That sentence upon reflection could have been worded differently and should have mentioned "in New Zealand". What is meant is that there are several companies similar to the ones you have mentioned in NZ, who do make Paleo options but whose brand itself is not dedicated just to Paleo products. The NZ brands Hello Raw, Cathedral Cove Naturals, and Pure Delish that you mentioned, use in some of their products what we and other international Paleo organisations (such as the Paleo Foundation) consider as non-paleo ingredients

    Hope all of this has helped you Dan. Happy to answer any further questions you may have on here, or you can email me at [email protected]

    Answered on 03-02-2018 by Ryan Kamins

    What is your plans if you don't make the campaign minimum?

    Elaborating on the question...
    Do you intend any follow on crowd funding rounds in the short term if don't make the minimum?
    Will you look at other funding, via equity (maybe wholesale) and/or debt?
    What happens to your projections if don't meet the minimum?

    Posted on 06-02-2018 by Scott Walsh

    Hi Scott,

    It has been (as we suspected) a challenging time of year to raise equity through crowd and wholesale, as most of the country is still in summer holiday mode. The reason we launched at the timings we did, was because we had $400,000 of new investors (2 parties) come on board in late November at the current share price as well as other existing shareholders converting over $2m in loans to equity, again at the same share price on offer right now. In order to be fair to them, we wanted to launch with the crowd at a similar time while holding the same share price.
    We are still in discussions with more than 5 significant wholesale investor parties for this round (some from offshore and some local), but have been late to the table due to the holiday period.
    We have had confirmation that one of the parties will be committing to the current PledgeMe offer, but there are some legal hoops to go through due to their local country laws. We are hoping to have this significant Pledge confirmed and showing in the next few days, all going well with the legalities.
    Raising less than the maximum of $1m will definitely have an impact on the top and bottom lines of the financial forecasts, as we will have to sacrifice or delay one or more of the many opportunities we are seeing. We are engaged with several parties for debt options, and it is likely if we can reach the minimum of $600k that they will be able to fund the necessary equipment and potentially some larger customer invoices.
    Wherever the funds come from (equity or debt), our priority is to get them quickly, as every month without the funds is causing delays in executing these opportunities, and impacting our forecasts.

    Hope this has helped Scott

    Answered on 06-02-2018 by Ryan Kamins

    Hi, Art Green is now promoting 'Plate Up'. Is this part of Riot Foods? Or has he now left Riot Foods????

    Posted on 11-02-2018 by Brian Green

    Hi Brian,
    Art is still very much involved in Riot Foods as a Director and brand ambassador, as he has been for the past few years. Plate Up is a separate venture to Riot Foods. Although Riot has had discussions with Plate Up about options to acquire Plate Up, Riot is very much focused on it's core business at the moment of the CleanPaleo and Poppy + Olive brands.

    Answered on 12-02-2018 by Ryan Kamins


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      2018-02-28 18:53:05 +1300

      Rebecca has pledged on 2 campaigns

      “can you please let us know the terms and process if we ever wanted to cash in our shares in the future ”

      2018-02-28 18:45:23 +1300

      james has pledged on 2 campaigns

      Tania Herbert
      2018-02-28 17:15:01 +1300

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      Stephanie Belz
      2018-02-28 16:43:17 +1300

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      Victoria Cooksley
      2018-02-28 16:35:04 +1300

      Victoria Cooksley has pledged on 1 campaign

      “Looking forward to seeing what can be done with these great brands. ”

      Thomas Abercrombie
      2018-02-28 16:23:26 +1300

      Thomas Abercrombie has pledged on 1 campaign

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      Nic Willis
      2018-02-28 16:22:08 +1300

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      “Good luck! Pleased to be apart of it 😊”

      Soraya Sabetian
      2018-02-28 15:22:59 +1300

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      “thanks David Craig for your recommendation :)”

      Thomas Lanyi
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      “Brown stain”

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      “Wishing the best of luck with this venture”

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      Camille O'Connor
      2018-02-27 21:44:26 +1300

      Camille O'Connor has pledged on 2 campaigns

      “Looking forward to seeing the new products from Riot Foods in the future. Love that you are making healthy food so accessible and easy.”

      Yvette Toopi
      2018-02-27 21:10:45 +1300

      Yvette Toopi has pledged on 3 campaigns

      “Cas-Pak Products Ltd we are proud supporters of Clean Paleo as their preferred Packaging Pouch supplier ”

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      This project was successful and got its funding on 28/02/2018 at 5:53 AM.

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