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Shift skateboards is a small passionate company wanting to make a positive change in this world. We handcraft wooden cruiser skateboards out of old reclaimed wood and old floorboards saved from landfill. The current boards we've made are from 100-year-old rimu floorboards salvaged from the old H&J Smith building in Invercargill, New Zealand.


Our boards are made in a converted tractor shed overlooking the lake in Glendhu Bay, Wanaka, by my friend and owner of Bearwood workshop, Joe. The boards are laser etched with art designs drawn from local and global artists who believe in our vision and what we’re trying to achieve.  We’re passionate to show people the craft and beauty of repurposing a material, to reduce waste, to think of the possibilities that can be achieved if you think outside of the box.  Our hope is that we inspire other people into their own projects. These boards are so smooth and fun to ride, easy to carry around, and are a real eye catcher for people you ride past. (be prepared for all the conversations these boards bring!) They’re super portable, strap it to your backpack, use it to commute to work, ride for coffee, or put it in your car for evening rides. They even look epic hung on the wall, whether it’s your home, studio or design store - these boards definitely get people talking!


 100 year-old floorboard turning into a cruiser skateboard.

A 100 year-old floorboard taking it's first shape into a skateboard.



Joe, our skateboard maker from Bearwood, holding a deck that was blow torched which creates such an epic finish.

Skateboard maker Joe from Bearwood workshop holds a deck that’s been blow torched. 



Some of the art designs to choose from, with more designs to come. Custom options are also available!

Some of the stunning art designs you can choose from. More to come! These are head turners.






Social good.


An important part of shift skateboards is compassion for people, and our heart has a focus on social good. We gift boards to those who have been through hardship and have an initiative where people or other companies can sponsor a board to be passed on to someone in need. We are collaborating with local not-for-profits like 'refurb skate' who encourage girls into skating, and teach kids to ride, and global not-for-profits like 'make life skate life' who build community built skateparks in poorer communities around the globe, giving kids a sense of pride, enjoyment, and community. The direction of our company is one that thinks about the bigger picture outside of work, it's of our people and our community.




Board description.


All our boards are made out of reclaimed wood, often salvaged wood that was on its way to landfill. Our current boards are made from 100-year-old rimu floorboards. The cut of the board is similar to the original first design skateboard back in the 50’s, they are easy to ride even for someone who’s never stepped on a skateboard before, they have large smooth wheels, and feel incredible underfoot - especially when riding with bare feet! We have left the character of the original floorboard on the boards as this tells the story of it's journey. The t&g groove line is still present on the side of the board.


Length - 58 cm

Width - 13 cm (at its widest part)

Height - 10 cm (base of wheel to top of deck)

Wood thickness - 2 cm


Trucks - silver 3” aluminium alloy straight from our manufacturer

Wheels - high resistant PU, 60mm 78A grade - white and black wheel options

Bearings - ABEC-9




The first four boards to come out of the workshop.




The t&g groove line is still present in the board, and shows as a reminder of it's former life.

 The t&g groove line is present in the board, a reminder of it’s former life. 





Artist collaboration

We have been fortunate to team up with some incredible emerging and established artists to put unique and powerful designs on our skateboard. These artists believe in our vision, and what we’re trying to achieve. If you would like to submit your art and see your work on our boards, we’d be stoked to see your designs! email [email protected], and let us know what part of the globe you’re from, and we’ll welcome you to team shift!



 Artist: Brian Martin, UK, one of our first artist design collaborations

Artist, Brian Martin, UK, our first artist collaboration.





shift skateboards black organic cotton 'make your mark' tee. SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.



Our Team.



Liz Smith - founder - A passionate surfer, wooden cruiser rider, and van roadie enthusiast. I’m a mum of two young active sons and a committed active volunteer for Sea Shepherd New Zealand which protects our oceans. You'll often find me talking to our local kids about plastic in our oceans, reducing waste and what we can do to help save our sea and wildlife. I have such a fond compassion for people and running this business that thinks of our community and our people first couldn’t make me more proud. This company is far from being about me though, it's about the people we meet, the people who support our vision, and sharing the stoke of those we gift boards to. To talk more email [email protected]


Joe Wright - skateboard maker - On a quest to go back to simple, Joe founded his company 'Bearwood' His days are now spent following his wood-crafting passion, designing and making simple, beautiful items that will stand the test of time. When Joe's not fettling bits of wood, he's out scavenging for past loved native timber in need of a new home. Joe's swapped his design studio for a tractor barn and combined his computer with a wood mill. Joe has a keen eye for design and his talent is evident on each board he makes. He makes us laugh, and brews a mean cup of tea.


Te Rina Rora Adams - film maker - Te brought this project to life, telling our story in a beautiful video edit. Te shares our values and visions and is a founding member of 'refurb skate' which is a local not-for-profit with a focus on growing female skating around the globe. Te has recently come back from Nepal after launching a girls skate program at Annapurna Skatepark in Pokhara. Those classes are now being continued by local Nepalese girls. Stoked to have the beautiful soul of Te Rina Rora as part of our crew.




Our ask.


We are in the pre-launch phase at the moment, and there are a few final costs to meet before our formal launch of shift skateboards and our online store in early 2018. Securing enough orders will enable us to develop a website, purchase necessary equipment, and enable us to carry on our vision. Your support as a pledger will enable us to really put our name out there, be heard, start inspiring others and making a difference. We’re dreaming big and our sights are set high both here in New Zealand and globally. This is us giving it our all.


Thanks so much for your support. Liz x



Find us.




Email: [email protected]




The People Behind shift skateboards: for social good

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Through our social good program we gift boards to those who have been through hardship, and we collaborate with local and global not-for-profits like 'refurb skate' who encourage girls into skating, and 'make life skate life' who build community built skateparks in poorer communities in pooer communities around the globe giving kids a sense of pride, enjoyment, and community.


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