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My vision is to share contemporary, postmodern, post-Christian or progressive Christian liturgy resources for worship leaders and for personal contemplation.

My first book, "You who delight me" was published in 2012 with enthusiastic endorsement (including from Sir Lloyd Geering and Rev Dr Margaret Mayman), and "Something new to say: words of spirit, faith and celebration for Advent and Christmas" is the second in the series.

I have requested quotes from a number of printers, and am seeking orders and pre-payment to cover the printing costs.


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Your "angels" can appear any time and place - on a hillside or in a reggae beat, via a bumper sticker or woven into an evening's entertainment. At Advent and Christmas, we suspend disbelief, and make space for wonder.

This was the theme for a Christmas Eve reflection I led a few years ago. I'd like to share more of my inclusive language liturgical writing with you. Here are a few examples:

"Year after year, the traditional is transformed. There’s been drama and scandal and mystery but finally the child’s delivered safely. Over years, decades, centuries, the story evolves and grows, twists like a streamer and shines along a new star path."

"As we gather around the child of hope, we're joined by a heavenly host; the kin-dom of heaven gathers with us—But where are the others? The brothers and sisters, the half-brothers and step-sisters, the broken relations, torn-apart siblings, the unblended families, the reconstituted ones. All the children with bruises on their bodies; fathers with bruises on their psyches; mothers with bruises on their hearts. Here they are! The jailbird cousin and the crazy aunt. The depressed daughter who's dragged herself out; the edge-of-hysteria, manic sister; the autistic grandson behind a haybale, rocking; the transgendered, the cis-gendered, the queer and the straight, the birth children and adopted children and fostered children; these fragile families of blood and of choice. All the whanau of Jesus: gathered to celebrate heaven on earth, in the promise of a child."

“[At Advent] We crouch with Mary on the straw of our messy lives, letting go of everything but this moment. We breathe in organic and homely smells, we breathe out the impulse to push, to rush, to stock up, to plan, to get things done—and we wait. We wait.”

[For Members of Parliament and public servants] “This Advent season, may the red tape of bureaucracy be transformed into the Christmas ribbon of generosity, that the initiatives and campaigns and packages may become gifts of spirit and liberation, justice and transformation.”

Blessing: “Now, go in peace, and may the Hope of Christmas inspire you; the Joy of Christmas remain with you; and the Love born at Christmas be born again in you and those you love—this day and always. Amen.”

My book, "Something new to say: Words of spirit, faith and celebration for Advent and Christmas" has resources for you to use or be inspired by. Pledge now, so I can share my creative liturgical gifts with you.



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