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Project 2017-10-21 10:32:20 +1300

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What are you doing?

We know that new parents have a million things to think about and plan for. It can be nerve-wracking, overwhelming and it never stops… Gurgl is here to make it easier. Gurgl is a social enterprise offering hireable baby clothes. Beautifully packaged and delivered monthly. Our boxes provide half of what you need to clothe your new baby for a month. 

Taking the stress, time and expense out of clothing growing kids. 

Catering from birth, through to 24 months. We provide a fun, easy online platform for you to recycle your childrens wardrobes, and borrow more! With your help, we can give these clothes a second, third or fourth life, and provide for growing kids. There is a limited pre-sale available in our rewards. Once these have sold there will be no further offers until next year. So don't miss out, sign up NOW! 

Help us save the planet one ‘onsie’ at a time!

Due to the support of the amazing humans around us, we believe that Gurgl is a winning idea, however we need evidence that it’s something that the ‘crowd’ - yes that’s you - really want too see. You know too that this is a good idea, so we are asking you to please, put your money where your heart is. Be an early adopter. It's time to stop thinking, and make it happen.

We need your help to ensure that Gurgl can be born.

 Gurgl Bundles

Where will my money go?

Your pledges will get us up and running! We have an awesome team, who we need to pay to never finish our website! is currently a prototype.

  • Our website requires the ability to take regular payments, be secure and bug free, this will cost upwards of $6,000
  • It will mean we can get 50 boxes ready, to post all our gorgeous stock to our first-fabulous customers.
  • It will provide a marketing budget, to get Gurgl into the minds of our customers, $2,500. Yes thats the rest.

  • Finally it will ensure we have a safety net, to support the early stages of business. This is where the Low Carbon Challenge sponsor match funding will help. But we get nothing if we don't meet our target... no pressure. 


Who's on the team?

Team Gurgl

Beverley Walter, A recent EDA graduate. Who’s previous career was in design, branding and marketing. Her next in clothing liberation! Self confessed ‘crazy chicken lady’ and mindfulness enforcer. 

Nick Halley, Product Manager, and backend developer with ninja skillz. Small business enthusiast and dog lover. Seriously not sure where he finds the time, but we have sneaking suspicion he’s cloned himself. 

Jess Halley, EDA grad. Currently writing a PHD on the Tech Industry, AND brewing a future Gurgl user. Veggie gardening super-hero. She makes it all look easy, if we didn’t adore her, we’d be jealous.

Bren Murrell, Our frontend code-whiz, coffee snob, quad-copter pusher and resident Yedi-Master as dad to four boys - he is a font of wisdom, and he’s still standing… must be all the caffeine.

We also receive help from... 
Zac Metin, filmmaker and videographer to the stars, midnight poker hustler, and all round awesome guy. Thomasin Abraham, part human, part machine, all heart. Alisa Yunusova, auth expert and rubber hipped, moral officer. Andrew Condon, eggs-benne muncher, CSS wrangler and Sage. Sherly Chan, the quietly spoken, code crusher and Sarah Dueweke, provider of all things sweet and delicious. (If your name isn't here, it’s because we love you so much we want to keep you to ourselves, our perfect, and brilliant little secret).




Below are the reward options for THE CONNOISSEUR nursery prints A and B:

Nursery Print Options

Sarah Dueweke - The best Chef not in the business - She's also a mean ass web developer!

Sarah Dueweke


Wellington City Council



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The People Behind Gurgl: Because kids grow, but clothes don't

Picture?type=square&width=50&height=50 Bren Murrell Approved
Picture?type=square&width=50&height=50 Beverley Walter Project admin



    06:32PM Thu 16/11/17 on Gurgl: Because kids grow, but clothes don't

    Thought I'd check in with you all and make sure you've pledged...? No? What are you waiting for? Jump to it! You need more convincing? Ok… let me tell you Team Gurgl have been flat out! We held a stall at the Green Expo over the weekend - we loved seeing you all there. Then last night, hosted a movie fundraiser - sorry for the tears it generated, trailer attached in case you want to know what the fuss is about. We have been rounding up new rewards - go check them out. PLUS Talking to some awesome sponsors and brilliant people who are keen to get some Gurgl action up and running.
    Even TVNZ wants a piece of us! Stay tuned this weekend to catch us. We'll have a Gurgl-tastic offer!

    I’m going to be completely honest with you, EVERYONE we talk to loves this initiative. And as the person who came up with the idea, I’m staggered and humbled by their kind words and encouragement. I didn’t expect it. I would never have hoped this many people would love Gurgl like I do. But we have a problem…
    And I don’t know how to fix it.
    As I said everyone loves the Gurgl concept, and the impact we are addressing, but no one is buying.
    Why is that? Can you tell me? Is there something putting you off?
    I’ll do anything to prove this is the best fifty bucks you’ll spend this year?

    In every ‘customer service’ role I have ever filled, there comes a point where it stops being about the customer and it starts being about the profit. So Gurgl is not for profit. It starts being greedy shareholders. So Gurgl is a social enterprise. It starts being about cutting corners on quality to deliver. So Gurgl will promises to never compromise, and still provide the best clothing for convenience, price and the planet.
    Now all I need to prove Gurgl is ALL about our customers…. Is customers.

    We have asked advice of the business gurus, influencers and startup genius’s and everyone has a suggestion. Do this, try this, be this… But I only know how to be me. That’s why I am asking you. My customer. My Gurgl family. Because if there is something you’re unsure of, only you can tell me. Before we run out of time, before the PledgeMe campaign closes and we fail to get this baby up and walking.
    If we are going to do this for the kids, we need you help.
    Thank you, have a lovely evening

    Ps. Feel free to literally tell me... [email protected] 

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