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About The May Project x Etta Every: debut EP with capsule clothing collection

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Hello, and thank you for visiting my project!


Background: The May Project, Etta Every, and The Every Conservatoire

I have two creative pursuits that go hand in hand - The May Project, which is my band, and Etta Every, which is my clothing label, and both of them spring from my love of communicating story - to me, story is what life is all about!

Over the last few years I have been weaving Etta Every and The May Project more closely together by writing music and designing collections to round out the particular story or concept I'm exploring. From this has sprung a third 'umbrella' initiative called The Every Conservatoire - a collective to involve not only my music and design, but inviting other artists and creatives on board to collaboratively explore concepts and stories together, bringing them to life in live shows and events, online content, and related product.

The May Project in Etta Every for Part Three: Earth for The Every Conservatoire. Photography by Natasha Vermeulen

The Project

This particular project is for the fifth part of the current story The Every Conservatoire has been exploring, which is the Pandora's Box myth. Parts One (Air), Two (Fire), and Three (Earth) have been covered off already (you can take a look at The Every Conservatoire's site to catch up on this!), Part Four (Water) is underway and will take the form of a live event at The Golden Dawn in Auckland on Wednesday 29th of November (come along!),  and Part Five (Spirit) is due to be presented around February - March next year. Alongside all of this, I have been writing my version of the myth as a short story, releasing it in installments with each part of the exploration.

For Part Five: Spirit, I am making my first full EP along with a capsule clothing collection to contribute to this final stage of the story. The songs are all new, the collection is new, and it will all culminate in an exciting live event that will showcase the two, along with work by other artists and creatives (if you're interested in contributing as an artist, have a look here for details)!

Essentially this project will bring Etta Every as a brand back to life with a fresh new capsule collection, and will give The May Project the boost it needs as a band with a debut EP.

The Budget

The money gained from this campaign will cover:

  • Professional mastering of the EP at around $800 (I will be recording and mixing it myself to save on costs - I have some production experience and professional industry mentors alongside me)
  • Production costs of the capsule collection: fabrics, shooting, marketing material (around $2000)

I have set the target to cover the above, but anything over and above this will help with:

  • Production of the live event (approx. $2000)
  • Upgrading of machinery and working environment for Etta Every (I am needing to buy an industrial plain sewer and overlocker, and to find a studio space, along with miscellaneous other upgrades!)
  • Forward funding for the next project (allowing the whole to become self-sustaining)


The EP and collection will be due to be released around late February / early March 2018. Rewards will be sent out around this time. Any clothing articles will reach you by the end of April at the latest (I make everything myself but also work full time, so while I'll endeavour to get them to you as soon as possible this will make sure we don't run into any glitches with timing!).

Once the PledgeMe has closed I'll keep you in the loop with what to expect when.


I will be keeping a blog of my progress over the next few months as I work intensively on the EP and collection - you can keep track of the creative process with me over on The May Project, and via this platform.

I hope you will enjoy being part of this little May Project x Etta Every journey - it's lovely to have you on board! 

See below for further links to The May Project, Etta Every and The Every Conservatoire.

Questions? I'd love to chat! Drop me a line: [email protected]


Thank you!


The May Project:

The May Project website






Instagram / Twitter: @themayproject


Etta Every:

Etta Every website


Instagram / Twitter: @ettaevery


The Every Conservatoire:

The Every Conservatoire website


Instagram: @theeveryconservatoire


Video credits:

Initial and end scenes shot by Yasmine Ganley, edited by Katie Brown

Music: 'Bird's Eye View' by The May Project

All clothing by Etta Every


Katie of The May Project for Etta Every's S16 collection, which was accompanied by The May Project song 'Bird's Eye View' (featured in video). Photography by Yasmine Ganley.


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