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About The Kiwi Diary 2018 - celebrating Kiwi culture and creativity

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What is The Kiwi Diary?

The Kiwi Diary is a functional, A5, landscape, 250-page spiral bound diary to record your notes, thoughts, doodles and appointments. No matter how wired we are, we all still seem to need that handy little notebook for jotting things down and keep track of our lives!

Your support will help cover printing costs of the 2018 edition, coming in at around $12,000 - Kiwi Diary will be 100% NZ-made.

Kiwi Diary 2018 cover

Produced since 2005, The Kiwi Diary
celebrates and showcases Kiwi-culture inspired creativity and is designed to leave you inspired and informed.  Kiwi Diary is curated to encapsulate community-building values, wisdom, and what truly matters - a healthy society and a healthy environment. Kiwi Diary uses art and inspiration as a vehicle to get us thinking about good values.

Seashells, Kirsty Dunn

Every diary contains both english and te reo versions of the Treaty of Waitangi.

The Kiwi Diary is designed to keep the garden of your mind beautiful, while being that handy life-organiser that everyone needs!  Contributors come from all corners of Aotearoa New Zealand, and from all disciplines; our 60 contributors are photographers, artists, chefs, poets, writers, scientists and film makers.

Examples of some of next year's content are;

- New Zealand's Sub-Antarctic Islands, by Hanne Neilson
- Dr Love-Ese Chile - Chemist, Advocate and Educator
- on her journey from growing up in New Zealand to gaining her PhD in Chemistry at UBC, whilst remaining a passionate advocate about sustainability

- Cultural Anthropology, by Ina Arraoui
- Let it out or let it be: why the cathartic approach to anger doesn't work, by Dr Mary Grogan
- 4 principles for creating positive social change, Dr Niki Harre
- Herbs to plant in early spring
- Mindfulness and meditation, by Dr Siobhan Lynch
- Poetry by David Eggleton, Annabel Wilson, I.K. Paterson-Harkness, to name a few
- Recipes from Cal de Geus (Deluxe Cafe chef), Little Bird Organics, Relishes in Wanaka, naturopath Storm Sommerville and many more.

The Kiwi Diary also gives space every year to a variety of community organisations, including Frocks on Bikes, Inspiring Stories, the Dunes Restoration Trust, and Greenpeace, to name a few.

 Agee Special, Ina Arraoui

The Kiwi Diary creation process is ongoing and isn't without its sacrifices, but the reward is sharing the goodness for a whole year with you!  We hope the 2018 diary can do its bit to encourage and inspire positive change, to fill your kitchen with tasty new recipes, to give you fascinating new ideas and facts to chat about over your next cocktail, and to provide real food for thought on every other page, alongside ample space to doodle, annotate and plan your life.

He waka eke noa  // we are all in this together


The contributors who feature in The Kiwi Diary 2018 are:

Cal de Geus, Jules Barber, Lou Beckingsale, Megan May, Nicola Galloway, Storm Sommerville, Tasha Wadeson, Steve Logan,
Dr Virginia Toy, Andy Reisinger, Antony Kitchener, Dean McKay, Dominika Zielinska, Erica Leather, Joe Harrison , Kirsty Dunn
Laura Forest, Lucy Gauntlett, Melanie Dixon, Melissa Wastney, Tara Swan, Bonnie Coad, Carla Braun-Elwert, Claudia Slaney, Colleen Eason, Daniella Hulme, Ema Frost, Erika Husselmann, Ian Hamlin, Ina Arraoui, Ilya Volykhine, Jan Morrison, Kathy Ready, Lisa Nicole, Lou Horner, Kelvin Fowler, Melina Martin, Michael Kennedy, Michael Lowe, Pia Davie, Rebecca Smallridge, Sam Mathers, Sanne van Steensel, Sarah Aslin, Sarah Weidig, Amiria Grenell, Annabel Wilson, A. R. D. Fairburn, David Eggleton, I. K. Paterson-Harkness, Laura Williamson, Leslie McKay, Liz Breslin, William Connor, Hanne Nielson, Martyn Pepperell, Dr Niki Harre, Dr Mary Grogan, Dr Siobhan Lynch, Dr Love-Ese Chile


The People Behind The Kiwi Diary 2018 - celebrating Kiwi culture and creativity

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    Thank you so much for your pledge - here's a wee Kiwi Diary update!!

    03:28PM Sun 12/11/17 on The Kiwi Diary 2018 - celebrating Kiwi culture and creativity


    Well, we didn't quite reach our target, but thank you so much for your generous pledges, which still gave a huge amount of encouragement - it was heart-warming to see how many of you showed support for The Kiwi Diary project!  Based on the pledges and orders from stockists we decided to take the leap and print a very small print run anyway, the content of next year's edition was too beautiful not to get out into the world.

    If anyone is still interested in purchasing a diary, you can find them here:

    Feel free to share with anyone you think might be stuck for Christmas ideas ;-)  and if you're feeling creative,
    maybe you should consider contributing to the next edition!

    Have a beautiful summer, Christmas, and 2018


    Sarah, Lou and Freda




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