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Project 2017-09-19 12:50:49 +1200

Hey guys, we are wanting to raise some money to help get us around Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland to spread the word about what we are doing here at Kiwi Values!
We want to travel around, get some initial public meetings happening, interviewing everyday people about what they feel are the most important things about being a Kiwi, Living in NZ and where they want to see our awesome country go in the future!
We want to help boost the discussion about NZ's future, our culture, our environment and about the things that are most important to us!


The People Behind Kiwi Values Info Roadie

Picture?type=square&width=50&height=50 Solomon Tor-Kilsen Project admin

I've been involved in working to make the world a better place since I was a teenager, be through setting up community activities or events, to mentoring Youth struggling with navigating the new life of "Adulting".

My passion is for New Zealand, its families, its youth, its environmental and its future!

I want to help make a lasting difference in the world, and be part of a growing army of people, seeking to make it a better place and a place we would want to leave to our children and grandchildren!

I look forward to walking this journey along side you!


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