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Project 2017-08-25 03:33:28 UTC


Not all who seek asylum find it. Regulation, red tape, visa status, or age restrictions and house limits mean there will always be some who miss out.


Until now, Invercargill has lacked an asylum for brave souls who want to do things a little bit differently. We’re changing that.


Asylum will be a dedicated function and events space at Invercargill Brewery on Leet Street. A refuge from the everyday world (well, for at least four days a week).



A place where awesome Southern bands can throw off the covers, show their true colours and deliver a whole different sound track. A home for the talents of Blair Savory and Massav Productions to fill with unique musical talents, and keeping it real for our up-and-coming artists. And, thanks to Jade Gillies and The House Series, it’s also where New Zealand’s top comedians can take centre stage to expand our worldview. Ditto for amazing Southland Artists like Phil Newbury, Nicola McGilvray and Invercargill Art Gallery Curator Stephen Davies who have all showcased their works on the walls of the Asylum. And it will also be where Southlanders can dance to the soundtrack of youths of all ages. It will also be available as a venue for private functions.


Simply, Asylum is offered to those who are outcasts, misunderstood or simply in need of entertainment. Asylum Supporters are the visionary souls with the foresight to prepare a pathway into the future of hospitality for themselves and those they love. By pledging their support in building a Southern Venue they will receive guaranteed Asylum (and some pretty snazzy designer gears).


What’s the name mean?



The late-great Douglas Adams not only authored the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy - he was also a money-where-his-mouth-is environmentalist who in 1994 founded Save the Rhino International, a charity still desperately airlifting White Northern Rhinos away from poachers when Adams died in 2001.


In his final novel, “So long and Thanks for the all the Fish,” Adams introduced us to Wonko the Sane, a character who built a four-walled inside out building, so he could live Outside the Asylum.


The story goes that, distressed and fearing for the world’s sanity, Wonko (aka John Watson) built the Asylum to put the world in so it could get better, after discovering a set of detailed instructions on a packet of toothpicks.


To warn himself and others from re-entering the madness “inside,” Wonko mounted the instructions near the door: “Hold stick near centre of its length. Moisten pointed end in mouth. Insert in tooth space, blunt end next to gum. Use gentle in-out motion.”  


  • In 2015 a packet of toothpicks purchased in Invercargill bore that inscription.  

  • In 2015 the world’s White Northern Rhino population numbered three, none capable of breeding.  

  • In 2016 the endangered species list included 60 New Zealand animals of which seven already believed to be extinct.


We believe we need Asylum in New Zealand more than ever. Do you?



Who are we?


Invercargill Brewery remains the old school craft brewery in a new age world. It started out in Steve Nally’s garage in 1999. Today Steve Nally is one of the few old-school brewers still actively brewing, only now we call him Managing Director of a business that has about 12 staff on any given day. We are New Zealand’s southernmost brewery with a real commitment to fresh, local Kiwi beer and cider that is sold in New Zealand and around the world under own our labels – and also for contract customers.


But with great power comes great responsibility, and we want to provide a space for our community. An asylum if you will. We just can’t do it on our own.




What have we done so far?


In February 2016, we moved our brewery dispatch area to begin playing around in the event space … We hosted 58 events for 2790 people. Now the trials are complete and it’s time to open a more permanent space.


A multi-department meeting with the Invercargill City Council, Police and Southern District Health in March agreed a process for a September 2017 opening of an on-site venue able to host up to 190 people.


We brought on board Phil Orr from ArchDraught, an architectural draughtsman with considerable experience in navigation of local body legislation including interpretation of the building code and resource management acts within Invercargill, particularly in regard to the hospitality industry.



What’s next?


To open on September 19, 2017 we have dotted all the i-s and crossed the t-s for our liquor licence (no mean feat in Invercargill), have sorted out the questions of use and raised the building consent, now we need to get the work-men in and council sign-off.


Steve Nally, who managed the 2013 brewery move from Wood Street to Leet Street, which came in both in time and on budget, will manage the project and the build. (At the same time, he’ll be making beer, because that’s important too.


We don’t want money for nothing though, we have some great rewards to offer our crowd. You can get everything from stickers, to t-shirts to beer delivered to your home.



What do we need?

We need $32,200 to cover the final costs of $50,300. We’ve already put in $24,000. That’s the bare minimum to get the doors open so that’s our target.


However, the more we raise, the better Asylum becomes for all of us. That mean’s we’ll be able to tack on things like a permanent sound system and flooring that are part of the longer term plan.


So we’ve come up with a sliding reward scale, for every additional $5000 pledged over and above that $32,200 target we’ll increase the rewards for everybody who buys a bar tab.


What does that mean?


So, let’s say you pledge $100  … we give you a bar tab worth $110 … if we raise $37,300 that will increase to $111, and so on until it tops out at $120.



 But wait, there may be more ...

Aside from the rewards you know you want ... there is always the thing you didn't know you needed until you saw it. Our creatives had lots of cool reward ideas that we couldn't let off the chain for this project. As a fillip to them we promised that for every $10,000 raised over our initial target, they can develop a cool idea and every pledge will get one.




The People Behind Invercargill Brewery Asylum

Logo Amanda Nally Project admin



    10:07PM Mon 02/10/17 on Invercargill Brewery Asylum

    A big humungous thank-you to all our pledgers!

    You are singularly and collectively awesome and richly deserving of a life-time of recognition - which is why, although we didn't reach our target, we've decided to award you all a 10 percent Asylum discount for life. 

    There will be a bit of procedure to sort out, which we'll work through over the next couple of weeks to have it in place for November.


    In the meantime, you can continue to save the world one beer at a time, online, in our Cellar Door or by turning out to a great night of comedy at Asylum on October 12.




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    It's The Final Countdown

    11:47PM Sat 23/09/17 on Invercargill Brewery Asylum

    One day. That's it. Your heard us.

    We're ramping up fro full Asylum, and we wanted to say how thankful we are to have you along for the ride.

    If the music so inclines you we  would love it if you could share a final countdown for us.

    And one last thing, we think Asylum should be Asylum for life ... check out your rewards and you'll find they just got better.

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    Three Sleeps to Go!

    06:08AM Fri 22/09/17 on Invercargill Brewery Asylum

    Just three sleeps (and one general election) to go!  

    It's nail biting stuff all round.  If you are in the South,  Asylum  will be open tomorrow night from 6pm under special license. The Invercargill Green Party will be counting down to the sounds of some great Southern performers. 

    Tonight koha will get you in the door of a great Kiwi play,  Bill Massey's Tourist, at Repertory House in Invercargill at 7.30pm as part of Arts on Tour NZ.


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    Magical Mystical Beer

    01:15AM Tue 19/09/17 on Invercargill Brewery Asylum

    And no visit to the South is complete without a Mystery Ale Tour writes Michael Donaldson.

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    More rewarding

    05:31AM Mon 18/09/17 on Invercargill Brewery Asylum

    We're loving hearing your stories (and the wee pings of pledges received).  Friday night we had another sell out event at The Asylum - our fifth on a special license. They've all been special, but what made this one the bestest ever was all those people (and the ones we turned away when we reached capacity) were there to hear four local groups. That's what Asylum is all about! So, because this rewarding is so much fun we've come up with another couple for those  who can't come to us.

    The Sanctuary Pack will allow you to create a mini-Asylum at your place .. just add friends.

    If word gets out you've chosen Beer for a Year we suspect the friends may just add themselves; every month for 12 months we'll send you two litres of whatever delicious beverage Steve Nally creates in his specialty fermenter so you'll be trying new beers first. 

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    The Twenty Percent Have Spoken!

    08:21AM Fri 15/09/17 on Invercargill Brewery Asylum

    Thanks to your awesomely supportive pledges we are sitting on 20% of target! That's got our weekend off to a great start, and come Monday we'll have more good news for you.  

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    Front page and centre

    05:36AM Fri 08/09/17 on Invercargill Brewery Asylum

    Change is brewing in TThe Southland Times.


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    Woohoo Ten Percent

    10:44PM Sun 03/09/17 on Invercargill Brewery Asylum

    Thanks to you pledges we are on our way ... now its onwards and upwards towards the goal.

    We have been touched by your messages of support and the knowledge you want Asylum as much as we do- and we have also been touched by your stories.

    Buying a bar tab to gift to a husband for his birthday - now that's a gift! And to our very good friends at Sunshine Brewery in Gisborne who are putting an Invercargill Brewery keg on tap to pledge the proceeds - that is what makes this industry so awesome.


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