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For years now I have been writing short films, stage plays, and songs, and I've put them in a box, I then put this box in the wardrobe.

The End...

Imagine if that was the end, well sadly it kind of is for a lot of talented writers and actors out there, we all have dreams, hopes, and ambitions, but the one thing that holds us back is funding, it's not easy to find when you don't have "The right the experience", and it's impossible to get the experience when you have to show you mean business by creating a professional looking piece of work, using professional equipment and having the right locations to film in.

My name is Colin McNaughton-Law and I am the creator of Last Chance Media, a new independent film company based right here in New Zealand, I launched this organisation back in 2015, mainly focusing on short films and amateur theatrical productions, but during 2016 I decided to put my skills to the test by writing a full-length feature film, once it was complete I started writing a second, I knew I wouldn't be able to do my films justce with the equipment I had, so they went into storage until the time was is that time.

You may have noticed we have are looking for quite a large pledge, but it has to be, the money will go towards the following;

  • 2 Professional Video Cameras
  • Video Monitor
  • Camera Dolly Track
  • Camera Stabilisers
  • Lighting Rigs
  • 2 Portable Sound Recording Devices
  • 2 Boom Mics
  • Cabling
  • Recording Media

After the hardware comes the costs of traveling to filming locations, paying for filming rights (In certain locations) feeding the actors, paying for liability insurance and paying for advertising, screening the movies and getting them published and distributed.

We, at Last Chance Media, have the scripts, we have the actors, we have even filmed a few of our stories using DSLR cameras and smartphones, but we aren't being taken seriously due to the quality, because let's face it, you can only get some much quality out of budget equipment and filming in your backyard.

Our aim is to launch the careers of people trying to get into the industry, but who have little knowledge and experience, but have the talent, we look for people who have the skills to go far in the entertainment world, but don't know how to get started, writers, actors, designers, technicians, we welcome them all and teach them new skills, we help them create new profiles in social media to help them network, we listen to their ideas and help develop them, but we are limited on what we can do and where we can go due to lack of funds.

New Zealand is an amazing place to film a whole host of movies, it's landscape is so varied, and it's people so unique, we can film anything, anywhere, with anyone...and the world will love it!  My team and I are constantly collaborating on ideas for future films, and we have a great talent scout who has a real eye for prospective stars.

So please do what you can to support New Zealand talent, we look forward to working with you.

Thank You!


The People Behind Last Chance Media

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    Pledge Me Project Launched

    04:26PM Wed 21/06/17 on Last Chance Media

    Well, here we are, exciting times ahead...hopefully

    The quest is on to raise the funds we need to get Last Chance Media really moving, we have spent countless hours shopping around, getting the best prices for the equipment we need, we haven't just gone for the biggest, shiniest, new fangled gadgets, just good quality products that will give us the professional finish worthy of the big screen.

    So to those who are about to give, we thank you!

    Keep watching this space...

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