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Red at 10 weeks

Over the last four months I've been working with my puppy Reddington Sparrow daily, she's a bit of a rescue chihuahua cross with a following on facebook already (click here - Reddington Rules). She is an amazing dog, super smart but she has always been overly fearful of people and is fear aggressive towards people when they approach her, and while she has come a long way, including four different puppy schools, mega daily socialisation and desensitisation, she still has a way to go. I've loved the training process that is transforming her so much that I want to become a dog trainer!

After 3 months of Doggy Dan training she is learning to just be a dog, relax and leave the worrying to me! So if the target for this project is met the money will go towards paying the cost of the 12 month Dog Trainer Academy course. The courses early bird fee is US$3799 which, depending on the exchange rate, is about NZ$5200 - NZ$5500. So this project is looking to fund $3500 (minus pledgeme fees) of that total course cost. The Dog Traininer Academy has kindly agreed to reserve a place for me in the course at the early bird rate and join after the registration deadline, so that I can run this PledgeMe project.

Experiencing how much this training philosophy has grown Reddington and myself already, makes me excited to take Red with me on this 12 month training journey. I have an opportunity now to share this process with you all via her facebook page and potentially create a visual timeline and record of its effectiveness through our ongoing success. Maybe I'll come out of it with a focus on working with 'small fear aggressive towards people' kinds of dogs, as that has been our journey to date. I'm excited to see where this takes us both! So if you'd like to jump on board with a pledge or by just following our journey on facebook, please do xx Sam RB and Reddington Sparrow

Now for some cuteness and some examples of where Red has come from and how far she has come already...

This is Red when she was very young, afraid of most things. In this case she was scared by the wind - click here

Red falls asleep standing up! - click here


'Friend of Red' Rewards:

'Friend of Red' rewards

1. Postcard. 2. Puppy in toys mug. 3. Red in red on red mug. 4. Red in red on red fridge magnet. 5. Meditating in training fridge magnet

Painting Rewards:

Russian Doll paintings




The People Behind Becoming a Dog Trainer with Reddington Sparrow

Picture?type=square&width=50&height=50 Sam RB Project admin

Sam RB is a full time singer-songwriter and visual artist. She has three albums released, a track in NZ film ‘The Insatiable Moon‘ and the New Zealand Olympic Song to her name. After releasing her third album 'Finding Your Way Home', Sam has been taking a break from music and focussing on painting. She has exhibited several times over her two years painting including exhibits at Toi Ora Galllery and Ponsonby Central for Artweek Auckland. 


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    Tracey Sparksman
    2017-05-29 11:48:57 +1200

    Tracey Sparksman has pledged on 2 campaigns

    “Kia ora Red
    How cool you are helping Sam to help other dogs and dog people, nice one!
    Rawiri, Tamati, Tracey and Jake”

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    Gabrielle Clark
    2017-05-28 17:04:21 +1200

    Gabrielle Clark has pledged on 3 campaigns

    “Go Sam! Sounds a fantastic venture! :)”

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    Sue Brock
    2017-05-27 13:06:48 +1200

    Sue Brock has pledged on 3 campaigns

    “Wishing you the best of luck! ”

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    Helen Prescott
    2017-05-25 19:09:22 +1200

    Helen Prescott has pledged on 1 campaign

    “Hi Red, wishing you and Sam all the best with your training venture! I'd love a meditation magnet please ”

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    2017-05-25 17:54:10 +1200

    Phil has pledged on 2 campaigns

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    2017-05-25 17:51:44 +1200

    Phil has pledged on 2 campaigns

    “Can't wait to meet (while ignoring you) xx”

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    Anita Karpik
    2017-05-25 08:30:28 +1200

    Anita Karpik has pledged on 4 campaigns

    “Great project SamRB and Red. Happy to contribute. ;-)”

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    Rachelle Betti
    2017-05-24 16:39:19 +1200

    Rachelle Betti has pledged on 2 campaigns

    “Good luck Red and Sam from Rachelle and Miss Lola Maree”

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    Lucy Woodford
    2017-05-23 08:12:34 +1200

    Lucy Woodford has pledged on 5 campaigns

    “Sorry I can't afford more at the moment. I really hope your campaign is successful. Lots of love to you both xx”

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    Coral Skipper
    2017-05-21 16:46:42 +1200

    Coral Skipper has pledged on 2 campaigns

    “Supporter of dreams x”

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    Ian Wallis
    2017-05-21 16:15:25 +1200

    Ian Wallis has pledged on 5 campaigns

    “Best of Luck - Judi & Ian”

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    Sue Tahere
    2017-05-21 11:08:45 +1200

    Sue Tahere has pledged on 1 campaign

    “Best of luck Sam and Red :) ”

    Mike Riddell
    2017-05-20 21:09:55 +1200

    Mike Riddell has pledged on 9 campaigns

    “Be kind to Sam, young Red...”

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    Luise Iandoli
    2017-05-20 20:34:58 +1200

    Luise Iandoli has pledged on 2 campaigns

    “Love you Red, Lu xx”

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    Jenna Beaumont
    2017-05-20 19:59:07 +1200

    Jenna Beaumont has pledged on 1 campaign

    “I'd love the Red in red on red magnet :-)”

    Tracie Lee
    2017-05-20 19:43:43 +1200

    Tracie Lee has pledged on 2 campaigns

    Tracie Lee
    2017-05-20 19:41:47 +1200

    Tracie Lee has pledged on 2 campaigns

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