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Here's your chance to help make a unique and exciting art experience a reality. 

Art of Technology is a not-for-profit exhibition designed to showcase the overlap of art and technology. This year the exhibition will feature local, national and international artists, many of whom are exhibiting in New Zealand for the very first time.


This event takes place in Tauranga and is organised by a team of volunteers. The exhibition is only made possible through community fundraising and support. At the previous Art of Technology exhibitions, in 2013 and 2015, thousands of people were enthralled, entertained, educated and inspired. 

Art off Technology is exhibition and experience of art that only exists because of the technology used to create or deliver it. We show people just how many wonderful and exciting possibilities exist for creating art with the new digital tools. With a leaning toward interactive we are aiming to show 5000 people new and awesome experiences.

The exhibition will feature;

  • Virtual Reality displays
  • Interactive displays and projection
  • Sonic and music inspired art
  • Traditional Art with a unique twist on technology
  • And much more

Your pledge will help us to pay for the fitout of our physical exhibition space and some of our promotional costs. 

We have top artists from around New Zealand and artists from the UK, USA, and Hungary lined up ready to wow people with animations, gif art, sonic/visual art, virtual reality art, augmented reality art, gaming art, projection art, holograms, and art that comments on how technology has affected our lives.

We know of no other experience like this in NZ. Our vision is to build this brand to be able to run the exhibition/experience permanently - with changing content of course as technology changes.

The experience will run from 18 Oct to 5 Nov 2017. This will be the third and biggest instalment of the show. 

Thank you for taking the time to discover a little about the Art of Technology. If you decide to pledge, an extra big thank you. 

Our team is made up of people from a range of industries all focussed on bringing the best technology inspired art experience to the bay.

Murray Clode

Murray is the original driving force behind the Art of Technology series. He started it while a leader of a national technology company hoping to drag the creativity of so called ``geeks`` out into the public eye; and it worked. Now, into the third edition of the event, he is a full time art entrepreneur. He produces art himself, has established a gallery where 45 other artists show their work, and leads other art organisations. He loves breaking preconceptions and doing what others aren’t. He tells us he particularly likes having “absolutely no idea” what this mix of creativity and technology will produce.


Steven Vincent

Steven has been working with computers for 35 years. He produced his first digital animation at age 12. Although he has failed to connect with his creativity since, working in IT and business all of his career, he has recently found art in technology that might just re-kindle that. Until then he brings enthusiasm and resources to the AOT Exhibition to make up for it.


Scott Brown

Scott has been a designer for over 15 years specialising in identity and website development. He also makes music under the name Fake Empire. More recently he has begun experimenting with Audio Visual art and sound design as a creative outlet. As a Music Technologist it is his goal to explore the realms where Music, Art and Technology collide and also integrate elements from nature, physics and mathematics to create a unique interactive experience. Scott also builds his own instruments and circuit bends old electronic music equipment to create new and unexpected results.


Alistair McMahon

Born in Auckland but alive in the Bay of Plenty. Alistair is married to Su-an, with two teenage daughters. Holly, who is studying BioMed Science at Victoria University and Rose a very successful photographer and film maker. For the past couple of decades Alistair has been obsessed with entrepreneurship and business. He's been successfully running, conceiving, founding, coaching and growing businesses in New Zealand. Alistair's art has featured (and sold) at both the previous Art of Tech exhibitions. Now he's stoked to be part of the organising squad.




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