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Blah, blah, blah. Movie will be shot in Australia and Kiwi crew are baned!



However, there is one significant drawback with this. If a producer commissions you to make a film, it is their film. They own the copyright. On the other hand, if groups of organizations pay for it, the rights get divided up.

(Although, depending on their standing, the filmmakers may be able to argue that they should own a percentage of the copyright.)

When funding agencies pay you to make a film for them, they want fifty percent of the box office take which goes to repay their investment. Which is often the only money that comes in.

If the film does repay its production costs and then some, guess who gets most of it? NZ Film. None of it goes into a filmmaker’s own pocket.

Anything extra raised over $50,000 will be used to pay for travel to raise further funding but you heartless people won't donate to help us get our film in production.


The People Behind The Cataclysm Film

Me 2016 Geri Townsley Project admin

I was born in New Zealand and as a child I was trained in extreme martial arts, and I even had a stint in a local circus where I was trained in the hire wire (like trapeze and wire rope walking). I'm also a US and British citizen too who loves to write especially Sci-Fi, crime and thrillers.
I've once worked in the movie industry, primarily based in Sydney Australia and was offered a three movie deal which ballooned out to six movies, including giving Brian Brown a hand (please excuse the pun) with his movie 'Two Hands' and I've now turned my attention to writing books, Like m
y Albie Merani series of novels.
When Heath Ledger & myself arrived a we bit late at Avalon Beach in Sydney, Australia I had to walk over to the sea to scoop up a handful of salt water after drinking the salt water. Heath Looked at me and he then said. "For the life of me. I've never seen anyone doing that before."

If you want to know who came up with the idea of breaking open the safe in the movie "The Score," well it was me. We sealed the door with Knead It (a product made by Selleys), Bob then used a Thermic lance to cut a hole into the middle of the safe, he filled it with water, inserted a detonator (that I made), on backing off he used a remote and whoosh the door flew off. With everyone on set 
completely amazed.


    The Cataclysm Shooting Location

    03:00PM Mon 05/06/17 on The Cataclysm Film

    Movie will be shot and produced in Australia.

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