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Lalele Organic is a Family owned company started by Nathan Gutsell and Mulan Zhang .

Soon after Mulan and Nathan met in Mulan's fruit shop on the North Shore , they began talking about starting a food bussiness .

After a few years of growing produce they began selling mini watermelon with ice cream at Auckland Lantern Festival .

Nathan returned from surf trips to Noosa having eaten a lot of ice cream and suggested they have a go at making their own ice cream .

Nathan completed a Chef course at Auckland Hotel and Chefs School .

They sold their tractors and to the dissapointment of Nathan's Dad their boat as well .

Then some one suggested Gelato , they bought some machinery , built a commercial kitchen themselves and got started .

With 4 children Mulan and Nathan wanted to make somthing they would be happy to give their own children .

They decided not to use artificial colourings or preservitives , this led to using organic ingrdients and making everything from scratch .

Based in Northwest Auckland Lalele Organic has been operating for around 3 years .

Our aim at Lalele Organic is to send our customers on a taste adventure .

With flavours like Avocado , Coconut & French Tarragon and Raspberry , Coconut & Rosemary Lalele Organic has been a great sucess at events across the Auckland Region .

We source the best organic ingredients we can get our hands on .


Mango , Coconut & Marsala Chai Popolato

Our plan to make quality products with no artificial colouring or preservitive has proved hugely popular at events across the Auckalnd region.

More and more customers are looking for organic food made from Fair Trade and real ingredients .

Event organisers are requesting us at their events this summer , with more booking opportunities coming in every day .

The problem is many of the best events fall on the same day , to be viable we need to be at as many events as we can .

We already have one Little Vintage Gelato caravan up and running , we need to add another slightly bigger caravan as well .


The funds will buy a second hand caravan around 14 ft long and modify it sell our Gelato and Popolato .

We already have most of the equipment needed for the internal fitout .

This is where you lovers of quality delicious organic treats can help .


Have a look at our rewards , we have been as generous as we possibly can .

Please jump on board our campaign and help us get our Organic products out to more happy customers this Summer .



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    “Your vegan frozen treats are so amazing!!!!”

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    2016-09-15 18:56:08 UTC

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    2016-09-14 00:48:11 UTC

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    “Nathan and Mulan create the most natural treats in unique flavour combinations, using the best seasonal produce. Please support them.”

    Rosalind Holland
    2016-09-07 06:28:13 UTC

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    Jenni Fox
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    “Wishing you all the best for your campaign!”

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    “Good luck guys, I might have to send one of my bros around for the reward...”

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    “I love you popolatos! Good luck with the campaign.”

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