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Team Salt and Light

Hi we are entering a Team into the HP 48 hour film competition in Christchurch.  
It is being run on the Friday 16th Sept to Sunday 18th Sept.  

What is it about?

It is about getting a team of friends together for one weekend of the year to make a short movie together.

We don't know what our

  • Genre, 
  • Line of Dialogue, 
  • prop 
  • person name
  • Technical Element

It is given to us on the Friday night at 7PM
Everything is else is creative liscence.

I (Raymond Lum) personally run a company called Sword Productions. 
I have real passion for Film and Television.  

Team Cromwell 2013

Team Cromwell 2013

This year we are entering a new team called 'Team Salt & Light'
We would like funds for

  • Catering
  • Equipment
  • Petrol money etc

A budget is available on request just email me on [email protected]

Thanks for reading this so far 

Music Festival Parachute 2007

Raymond Lum
Team Salt and Light
Sword Productions Ltd
0800 FILMING (348 646)
027-63-SWORD (79673)








The People Behind Team Salt & Light

Picture?type=square&width=50&height=50 Raymond Lum Project admin

About me

I am film guy who has a real passion for making films, Short films, Documtaries, music video.  My dream started for me while at Universal studios looking at a poster called Sliders.  
I have study film and Television at Life way College in 2001 gaining a National Certificate in Film and Television.
After finish that I went on to TVNZ News Department for 2 years.  

I have entered in the 48 film competition 4 times. As either a cameraman to submiting our own team from Cromwell

2013   Entry With In  - First time entered from Cromwell - Team Cromwell
2012   Entry The Leaf - 12 Hours not part of competition but shot on the same day
2009   Entry The Unfinished - Producer/Writer
2008   Entry Breakfast at Four Camera op with a team in Auckland

Team Cromwell 2014
Team Cromwell 2014

I am so passionate about this project because I want to get some reward out it, it will be a great team this year.  

Thanks for reading this far.

Raymond Lum
Team Salt and Light
Sword Productions Ltd



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