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Three women in a kitchen; one man on the porch. In this subtle exploration of relationships and perspectives, flatmates Natasha, Mona and Astrid have to decide what to do about the mysterious man at their doorstep. As they cook dinner, go to the loo (an entirely exposed toilet in the middle of the backyard), and check their phones, they engage in a debate about how far it is possible to help an individual who is incapable of helping himself.  



The idea for this film came from something which happened to me (Ingrid, the director) while I was living in London last year. One of my flatmates was dating a heroin-addict.

On a foggy July morning, at about 4:30 am, he began rapping on the door, despite her having told him not to come. I heard them frantically whispering for a long time before I realised just how terrified I was of this situation. It wasn't because I felt myself in any physical danger, but the psychological stakes were so high for the two of them that their desperate energy was seeping into every crevice of the household and imbuing every inch of my body. The finer details about their relationship were revealed to me around the kitchen table. It was clear something had to be done because my flatmate was at the very end of her tether and yet this man she loved really seemed to need her help. Next day I transcribed our whole conversation which I then used as inspiration for the script of "Heroine".

So it makes me think about, with the limited resources for dealing with addiction and mental illness in New Zealand, when is it appropriate to put yourself first and stop helping a loved one who refuses to help themselves and is making your life a misery?. 

With a very "Lynchian" slow-developing menace we want to show Natasha, Astrid and Mona's relationship, three girl friends/flatmates dealing with Rob's situation. 



25th and 26th March 2016.



Neenah Dekkers-Reihana as Natasha -


Neenah has been acting for as long as she can remember. Her wonderful Mum, Carolyn Dekkers, brought Neenah and her siblings up surrounded by art and they have all caught the bug. In 2014, Neenah won the Chapman Tripp Theatre Award for Most Promising Female Newcomer for her performance in 4 Billion Likes!

Zoe Joblin as Mona -

Zoe is the every-woman's heroine. She is currently playing the role of nurse at a wonderful Mental Health NGO and in Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus. Whilst enjoying this irony she looks forward to working with Ingrid and the other heroine's involved in this project to bring yet another alternate reality into her life.

Fran Olds as Astrid -

A Wellington native, Fran Olds is an actor, playwright & creative producer. A graduate from the John Bolton Theatre School 2011 and co-founder of The Brothers & Sisters Collective, Fran is an emerging practitioner working across mediums to further skills and experiences. Most recently starring in Bea Joblin’s feature film ‘Births, Death & Marriages’ and the February season of Spring Awakening at Bats Theatre.



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