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About A Documentary and Journalism Project To Unmask Edward Snowden!

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From 2010, to now, the international community has always listened to a one-sided story from Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. Are they always correct? Are they really heros? Is there another side story about Wikileaks and Snowden?

The answer to the last question is "yes".

The reasons why nobody can find the true answers are:

1.    Both Assange and Snowden use the security of an anti-WMD proliferation informant, a New Zealander, as their insurance policy;

2.    If the informant identity is uncovered, the family members of the informant will be under threat.

3.    It is costly to start a legal proceeding to recover some physical evidence of their wrong doings from relevant government organizations, supporters and private organizations.

4.    Their supporters use certain legal procedures to prevent the informant from seeking normal legal aid.

5.    Before he fled to Hong Kong from Hawaii, Snowden and his associate had hassled and threatened the informant in an OECD country during a stopover that had never been disclosed to the public, that they dare not let the world know the stopover lest it reveal cracks in their story.

6.    The risks of the project: perhaps, in order to gain the full cooperation of the mystery stopover country's government, we will be unable to mention the name of the country. But, we can provide the details about what did Snowden and his supporters had done before they fled to Hong Kong.

7.   In order to uncover the truth,wWe wish to raise a fund of 2,000,000.00 NZ dollars to shoot a film,publish a book and provide protection for the informant family:

 $700,000.00  informant family relocation and security facilities for residence

 $200,000.00   bullet proof vechicle for informant, cast and crew

 $100,000.00   body guards expense for the informant family,cast  and crew

 $400,000.00   shoot the film and post production

 $300,000.00   legal expense

 $ 90,000     accounting fee

 $ 160,000   fund rasing cost

 $ 50,000    book publishing,software coding and translation

8.    We will recruit professionals from the film and journalism industry to shoot the film at New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and the USA.

9.    We want to tell the world,New Zealand is a loving freedom country,we are netural,we aren't taking sides in international disputes,New Zealand and New Zealanders should not become victims when some other countries attempt to bypass theri internal and external political pressures.

10.We will invite one of the "big four" accounting firms to issue a cost audit report for all of the funds.

The motivation behind the project is to stop:

1.    The people backing Snowden and Wikileaks continue threatening the informant.

2.    The people backing them tried to steal and rob a financial invention from the informant,the invention will provide a solution to prevent debt crisis,mortgage crisis and currency manipulation.

   If you don't want New Zealand in a debt crisis,mortgage crisis and jobless crisis, support us!

   If you want your kids to be able to buy their own homes in the future, support us!

                                       Unmask Snowden, Act Now!

North America Toll Free:18006300316

NZ Toll Free:0800441421


The People Behind A Documentary and Journalism Project To Unmask Edward Snowden!

Personalimage Micro Current Project admin

Between 2004 and 2006,I cooperated with some OECD countries governments in a counter WMD proliferation event;

My identity was disclosed due to Wikileaks' releasing US embassy cables in 2010.

In the passed 5 years,I experienced a series of posionings,threats and attacks.

On 31st may 2013,Edward Snowden and a foreign country's diplomat hassled me in a stopover between Hawaii and Hong Kong.



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