Byron Bay Bluesfest - Music Instrument Stall Fundraiser

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Byron Bay Bluesfest - Music Instrument Stall Fundraiser

Project 2014-02-04 17:28:21 +1300

Help us showcase our instruments at Byron Bay Bluesfest 2014!

The finest Blues musicians in the world, 35,000 people, sunshine, and with your help... some of New Zealand's finest locally crafted musical instruments!

We have been given a once in a lifetime chance to showcase our handcrafted NZ made musical instruments at the 25th annual Byron Bay Bluesfest in April this year.

We are totally stoked about that, but we need help to raise the money to pay the hefty stall price and freight costs to get our instruments across the sea to Australia, it will be a big mission for us!

For your pledge towards our cause, we offer several rewards of our products, which are in many cases much cheaper than normal. Think of it as an excuse to buy the instrument you have always wanted!

As a very special offer, if you pledge $500 NZ, you can COME TO BLUESFEST WITH US! (only limited availability sorry.  Tickets are usually $665 AUD so this is an awesome opportunity!)

Our acceptance as stallholders at Bluesfest 2014 is based on our passion for music and our dedication to crafting top quality musical instruments. We are one of only a few new stallholders to be accepted in to the festival this year.  We are proud to have the chance to bring the original blues instrument (the n'goni) and the beat-box (the cajón) to rock the Bluesfest and get the music to the people!


Who are we?

Phill Jones runs Tukituki Instruments and specialises in crafting box-drums called "Cajón" (pronounced Kah-Hon).  He began playing around with the concept in 2009 and has since made over 150 drums, recently designing a custom model as a commission for the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, and teaching students in schools how to build and play them.  He is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and regular performer in bands in New Zealand and overseas.

Jeremy Cloake is a multi-instrumentalist and instrument maker who has spent the past 14 years travelling the world performing, teaching and recording. Since making his first n'goni in 2005, his meticulous nature and creative innovation drive him to continually develop and refine his musical instruments. As testament to his work, his customers often state that the n'goni he makes are the finest available, being both excellent musical instruments and stunning art pieces. Jeremy's work is centred within his strong values of sustainability, ethical trade and cultural traditions and is sought after worldwide by professional musicians, including African masters.