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Project 164

Education of Ming Ming

by Léah McVeagh

Gymnastics, piano, drums, ballet, swimming, calligraphy, violin plus a whole lot more. Who’s got time for a childhood? A true overachiev...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 160

Shine Lady Tours Europe

by Ann Dewey

We have been invited to perform Shine Lady at the Sziget festival in Budapest, Hungary in August 2012. We have toured the show around New...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 119

Need to know Music Video

by Caleb cowie

Need to know  is a collaboration between Electronic music producer K+Lab and Vocalist Sacha Vee, recently released on K+Lab's record...

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Project Campaign

Project 150

Thats Right! Music Video

by Jason Eli

I've made a funky little tune called "Thats Right" It's getting a great response from the clubs and bars I DJ in and features two great v...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 148

Uncle Bertie's Botanarium

by Duncan Sarkies

An ambitiously ridiculous radio podcast of 'Episode 1: Cheese Dreams in the Gravy Isles'. A collaborative project featuring Lawrence Arab...

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Project Campaign

Project 146

The Last Stop - Short Film

by Vanessa Riddell

We're raising money for post-production of our short film entry into Ridley Scott and Michael Fassbender's Your Film Festival. Entries cl...

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Project Campaign

Project 151


by Arron Stewart

Main Crop 1: was a 2010/11 release from Hamilton musician 'the Bathtub Sophist'. This summer-themed instrumental record has so far enjoye...

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Project Campaign

Project 139

Awesomeness Comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe

by Rosie Carnahan-Darby

We are taking three shows, Chris Brain (2009 Billy T Comedy Award winner), Jamie Bowen as Munfred Bernstein and Square Eye Pair (winner ...

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Project Campaign

Project 149


by Unity Jayne Wara

I recently entered the national aim to fame championships of performing arts in auckland and won 4 gold medals and a place in the team ...

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Project Campaign

Project 140


by Ash Kaa

"A heartbreaking bicycle catastrophe leaves a boy helpless as he watchers the collapsing of his family's seemingly picture-perfect life"....

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Project Campaign

Project 103


by Morgana Watson

Our goal is to raise funding to professionally record and mix our EP Album (5 songs), and film one music video.

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Project Campaign

Project 127

To go Viking in Moesgard / Wolin 2013

by john

Our project as it stands at the moment is to get us over to Wolin, Poland, for almost 2 weeks, to take part in the Wolin Viking and Slav ...

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Project Campaign

Project 115

Stellar Restaurant & Bar 11th Annual Group Oscars

by The Group Oscars

Imagine the best night of your life and then couple that with a thirty minute orgasm, that's how exciting the 11th Annual Oscars will be!

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Project Campaign

Project 135

A Place of Dreams

by Melissa Mepham

My name is MOO I am a Wellington based artist/illustrator, and am in need of help funding my FIRST EVER exhibition! all of my works ...

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Project Campaign

Project 136

Back Street Battlers

by Josh Cleary

We are making a documentary following four athletes from a gym in Wellington who have been earned places at the World Championships in Ab...

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Project Campaign

Project 132

Free WiFi 4 Christchurch

by Luke Chandler

Kia Ora! We think Christchurch has had a bit of a tough time the last 18 months. So, we came up with an idea to kick start the Christchur...

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Project Campaign

Project 120

Visige - Social Network for Blind Kids

by Povidi NZ Ltd

Darryl at has worked with 4 Waikato University Students to prove a simple but effective social network for the blind http://vi...

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Project Campaign

Project 112

Hope is Not Lost - Butterfly Caught

by Jason Peters

Hope Is Not Lost is the debut album from “Butterfly Caught” aka Jason Peters.

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Project Campaign

Project 131

Wanted FM - Youth Radio/Entertainment

by Dylan Garrod

Wanted FM is a youth run radio and entertainment website. It helps teenagers with job experience and sets them up with industry contacts....

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Project Campaign

funded Project 60

A new take on the undead

by Patricia Hetherington

A Party For Me is a zombie short film that was shot in Wellington. The film was written and directed by Amy Brosnahan, and produced by Ec...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 107

Gone Curling...

by Rachael Patching & Roland Kahurungi

Gone Curling... celebrates a community of ice curlers who are the last in the world to keep the traditional Scottish game alive. We need...

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Project Campaign

Project 125

COMMON Magazine

by Common

Common Magazine - issue #1. The biannual magazine for those with a creative bent and an inquisitive eye.  

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Project Campaign

funded Project 129

MAJ'ic Music n JAM'aica

by Ropata Paora

Majic is about record her very own debut album at the Legendary Tuff Gong studios in Kingston Jamaica. She and her family have spent the ...

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Project Campaign

Project 123

Collectif Magazine

by Sophie Peacocke & Laura Kay

Collectif is a newsprint magazine that acts as documentation of fresh creative projects around New Zealand that would otherwise go unfound.

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Project Campaign

Project 111

Keyboard Athletes

by TheFilmingArchon

‘Keyboard Athletes’ is a feature length documentary that will take you into the world of the growing competitive gaming industry in New Z...

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Project Campaign

Project 101

WhiteRoofs Campaign setup

by Ian Montanjees

Ian needs your help to establish an 18 month White Roofs campaign to the point where it can begin. White roofs offer one of the fastest...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 110

Send King Homeboy to Berlin, Germany!

by Leigh Minarapa

King Homeboy, NZ Beatboxing legend, needs YOUR help to send him to Berlin, Germany for the World Beat Boxing championships! Please give g...

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Project Campaign

Project 106

2MS SoloKnowloGnosiss

by Joash Osborne

Two Million Steps is a 22 minute action adventure animation.

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Project Campaign

funded Project 104

Beautiful Surrender Video

by Emma Cameron

Christchurch pop/rock band, Ashei, are gearing up to release their next single! Only problem is - we don't have enough moolah to put toge...

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Project Campaign

funded Project 89

Music video for I Love The Way You Shine

by Kim Potter

I'm Kim, I'm a singer songwriter (and a bunch of other stuff, but that's less important right now). A few months ago my friend (Adam Sim...

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